WordPress, Google Gears, Google Docs!

If you’re one WordPress 2.6, you must have noticed the “Turbo”, link on your blog admin page which links you to Google Gears…

I was curious today, and I dug more.

Google Gears… its Google’s way of getting offline. They’ve got it online and they are now moving their documents into people’s PCs! Literally!

After you install Gears, you can actually store your Google Doc documents offline! The great thing about Google docs is that you can access your documents from from ANY Internet enabled computer, and now, you can access it in your own computer WITHOUT Internet access.

I am really amazed.

There is Power in Simplicity and Affordability

I read an interesting article on a ZDNet blog today, saying that mice (erm, the one beside your keyboard, not the real ones) are here to stay, at least for the next 5 years.

Computer Mice will be Extinct?Somehow, I do agree with the author. I, for one, is someone who has tried several types of input devices (my family members can vouch for that!). I’ve gone from from crazy jumbo-functional keyboards, to voice recognition, to tablets to pen scanners… and somehow, all these devices are “collecting dust” in my computer hardware junkyard cabinet today.

To be frank, I feel the issue is not with limitations of technology – the fact is the tablets, voice recognition systems and pen scanners do work well. The issue with these devices, however, is that these are great for one or two applications, but work terribly for another. For example, voice recognition is great if you want to type a document, but is not yet robust enough when you want to issue commands like “save this file”.

The other issue is with cost. Look at this video on Microsoft’s Surface – their “Table PC”. I’m sure if you are reading this post at all, you will WANT to get one. The issue is… can this technology be economical enough for mass adoption? I doubt so – not in the first 5 years from the time it hits the market.

The fact is, there is power in simplicity and affordability. Today, you can get an excellent optical mouse and keyboard at less than $20 a set, and with that, you can type, point, hover, drag, click, double-click, scroll… and that is good enough for all of the tasks you need performed on you computer today. More importantly, the keyboard and mouse is intuitive enough for most users.

Website owners, are you making things simple and affordable for your readers? Do you really need THAT blog theme with fancy graphics and AJAX animated plug-ins? Think about it. 🙂

The meaning of FOCUS?

I just came across a very interesting post by one of my good friends Steven Wong – about the meaning of FOCUS.

I think this is important to many Internet Marketers, especially in the first few years of our career, because we all tend to listen to too many gurus at one time and always want to go for the next “big shiny object” that comes along.

So, check out what Steven means by FOCUS! What have you decided to FOCUS on in 2008? What will you stick to and make work, no matter what?

Its the time between Christmas and the new year – always time when people start to reflect what they have done over the year and set some new goals for the new year (which most of the time, never get done! :mrgreen: )…

Well, still, setting a goal is better than none. Let’s set a goal this time to FOCUS on 1 project to get done in the new year!

Has Blogopreneur quitted blogging?

Wow! It has been one looooong month since I last posted here on Blogopreneur.com and so many things have changed in my life since one month ago.

The reason for my absence is simple – I’ve been really busy!

My last post was when I was in Japan at the WorldSkills Competitions! Yeah, I had fun in Japan – and I’m so happy for the Singapore team to have won 3 gold medals and a bronze, and placing themselves 3rd on the world stage. Excellent stuff, people.

And after being for 11 days in Japan (and having my computer infected by a Trojan when I was there!), I came back with a pile of work to get done. Not a very nice experience actually. 😉 So it was kind of a wake up call for me too, and I know something had to be done.

I also realised that I’ve been spending too much time on my computer instead of meeting up with people face to face or over the phone, so I’ve been spending time on other projects that force me to interact with humans instead of using the computer and the Internet as a medium. I think it helps. Yes, I’m more human now. Heh. :mrgreen:

So, for those who know me – the question in your head might be… is the Blogopreneur going to quit blogging? :mrgreen:

Heh. Check back this blog a couple of days later, and you will know.

Blogopreneur is at the WorldSkills Competition in Japan!

Just an update, since I’ve finally found some time today after breakfast to get down on my computer at the lounge. Its been a while since I last posted and that’s because I’m now in Shizuoka, Japan – at the 39th WorldSkills Competition!

Its been a busy and tiring (but much fun!) few days, running around the beautiful competition site, promoting the WorldSkills Champions Exchange program – a wonderful exchange program that offers WorldSkills competitors an opportunity to work in another country fo 6 – 18 months.

I must say, its a brilliant opportunity for the competitors!

Oh, and by the way, if you are reading this, and if you are an employer looking for a world class skilled employee (or can help us connect to someone looking for one), do drop me a mail! We need employers too!

Alright, shan’t talk much – here are some photos. 😉

WorldSkills Competition Japan 1

WorldSkills Competition Japan 2

WorldSkills Competition Japan 3

WorldSkills Competition Japan 4

WorldSkills Competition Japan 5