The meaning of FOCUS?

I just came across a very interesting post by one of my good friends Steven Wong – about the meaning of FOCUS.

I think this is important to many Internet Marketers, especially in the first few years of our career, because we all tend to listen to too many gurus at one time and always want to go for the next “big shiny object” that comes along.

So, check out what Steven means by FOCUS! What have you decided to FOCUS on in 2008? What will you stick to and make work, no matter what?

Its the time between Christmas and the new year – always time when people start to reflect what they have done over the year and set some new goals for the new year (which most of the time, never get done! :mrgreen: )…

Well, still, setting a goal is better than none. Let’s set a goal this time to FOCUS on 1 project to get done in the new year!


  1. Hi Kian Ann,

    Thanks for the mentioning, I feel good for someone refer to my contents, even it is just a simple one.

    Yes, we tend to lose focus in our business. 2007 has been a rolling coaster year for me, has a lot of changes in mindset, altitude as well as many others.

    I will be posting my review on 2007 performance as well my plan for next year very soon. This is different from the new year resolution, it is more like an annual review on performance and new year declaration.

    I will look forward for a better year in 2008.

    Thank you,

    Steven Wong