Has Blogopreneur quitted blogging?

Wow! It has been one looooong month since I last posted here on Blogopreneur.com and so many things have changed in my life since one month ago.

The reason for my absence is simple – I’ve been really busy!

My last post was when I was in Japan at the WorldSkills Competitions! Yeah, I had fun in Japan – and I’m so happy for the Singapore team to have won 3 gold medals and a bronze, and placing themselves 3rd on the world stage. Excellent stuff, people.

And after being for 11 days in Japan (and having my computer infected by a Trojan when I was there!), I came back with a pile of work to get done. Not a very nice experience actually. 😉 So it was kind of a wake up call for me too, and I know something had to be done.

I also realised that I’ve been spending too much time on my computer instead of meeting up with people face to face or over the phone, so I’ve been spending time on other projects that force me to interact with humans instead of using the computer and the Internet as a medium. I think it helps. Yes, I’m more human now. Heh. :mrgreen:

So, for those who know me – the question in your head might be… is the Blogopreneur going to quit blogging? :mrgreen:

Heh. Check back this blog a couple of days later, and you will know.


  1. So you are still alive!

    I thought you might have too much Shabu Shabu with top grade Kobe beef infected mad cow disease!

    I am sure you are going to continue blogging… and come up with title like:

    “Who killed Blogopreneur?”


    “The Death of Blogoprener!?”


  2. Glad that you are back blogging again! World Skills, Great Feat for Singapore… and SEA Games, 43 golds. The First Asian Idol just came from Singapore… none other than Hady Mirza. What a joke, when we think that Singapore is just a small island state but we managed to achieve so much!

    My new computer (3 months with Windows Vista) crashed. Another friend’s did too (also Windows Vista). Wondering if it is because of Windows Vista. Not very good for the market I think… I hope they are not taking us as guinea pigs. I lost a lot of important new info when they told me they cannot recover for me.

    One thing learnt… never trust new things in the market.