Visual Search with Google Goggles

After collecting all those photos on Google earth, integrated with location and GPS data, together with all the images they have in their search database – they mesh it ALL up together and tada!! Google Goggles!

Soon, you’ll be able to point an Android phone at someone and have his name pop out (together with his favourite food, lifestyle habits, and how many girlfriends he’s juggling – photos included) :mrgreen:

That’s Google’s mission – to organize the world’s information.

I must say, this is amazing technology.


  1. That’s downright scary. Pranav Mistry who came up with his “Sixth Sense” technology is even scarier, but very cool. I wonder if young people today realize how much embarassing stuff about themselves they are putting up on the web will bite them in the back when it is time to seek employment or be in a serious relationship. Imagine having all that info about you known by anyone, crazy or not.