Free Adwords Online Course

Are you using Google Adwords to market your website, products and services? You should – it is VERY cost effective. At least, compared to the traditional media like the newspapers… and if you use it correctly.

Over on the Adwords blog today, Google announced the release of a new Free Adwords Online Classroom.

… (The) AdWords Online Classroom provides free online training, delivered by local AdWords experts, to help you achieve long-term advertising success with AdWords. Whether you’re new to AdWords and wish to learn the basics, or you’ve been with AdWords for a while and want to take your account to the next level, we offer a range of topics to suit your needs.

To participate, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and speakers or headphones.

Yes, its FREE. You know. Why pay “gurus” $197 for an ebook that they released 5 years ago, when you can get it free from the horse mouth?

In fact, when I signed up today, these were the courses already available – suitable for both “newbies” and advanced users! Frankly, even after over 2 years of using Adwords to drive traffic to my own clients’ sites, I feel I can still benefit from these courses!

Getting Started

  • Create your account
  • Get to know your account
  • How to build a successful AdWords account
  • Why can’t I see my ad?

Improving Your Account Performance

  • Improve your AdWords performance with key tips
  • Use AdWords data to strategically improve your account

Controlling Your Costs

  • Maximize your advertising ROI with Conversion Optimizer

Analyzing Your AdWords Performance

  1. Track your AdWords ROI using Google Analytics
  2. Set up your Analytics account to track ROI
  3. Track your AdWords ROI using Conversion Tracking
  4. Get the most from your website with Website Optimiser

Expanding Your Reach & Focusing On Your Audience

  1. Improve your Content Network performance
  2. Reach more potential customers through the Google Content Network

Yes, and these are 100% free, and delivered through on demand video streaming! Just like how you watch videos thru YouTube.

In fact, here’s what it looks like.

Google Adwords Course

Looks great isn’t it? What are you waiting for? Head on to the Google Adwords Online Classroom now!

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