Bookmarks Explosion 7 December 2008

I’m writing this post early because I’ll probably be enjoying myself at Shangri-la Putrajaya (Malaysia) when this post is published.

Some great articles to share which I’ve read over the past three weeks. Well, I was supposed to do this weekly… but (KA slaps himself for thinking of excuses) :mrgreen:


  1. Do you 17,000 and 20,000 followers on Twitter? Chris Brogan has. And he shared how he uses Twitter at that volume.
  2. When you think about writing books and blogging. Ted is THE man. Yeah. Learn how you can write a book with your blog.
  3. Wanna clinch SEO deals? This guide from SEO Book will help you write a better SEO proposal. On top of that, here’s how you can overcome some common SEO objections in your sales process.
  4. Gobala has an excellent point to bring up about Internet marketers vs software developers. Makes you think the next time you buy something from an guru Internet marketer. Don’t get fooled again.
  5. Should you say “maybe later” to services like TweetLater?
  6. PPC is one of the best ways to test your site, only if you avoid this 5 mistakes in PPC testing.
  7. If Adsense is primary revenue for your blog, have you optimized your ad placements yet? Here are some teachings from the horse’s mouth.
  8. Mark White say blogs are not for SEO! You’ll understand why.
  9. … and if you are thinking about making money blogging, ProBlogger asks you to please please please, think again, and get your strategy right.

Oh, did I mention its my birthday today? Yes, that is why I’m at Shangri-la. 🙂 More about the trip when I return.

Happy Birthday to me!