Product Launch Formula 2

An Internet Marketer releases a new product and my email gets flooded by the second. That’s not new if you’ve subscribed to all the email lists in the world.. but heh, but this time it was slightly more interesting experience for me as I skim the mails coming in. 😉

Yeah, you know its all about Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 2.0.

And it looks like a huge fight is going between the affiliates.

One mail came in today saying that “If you buy from my affiliate link, I’ll give you an audio seminar, loaded into an MP3 player… for free!”

Then… seconds later another came in, and I literally burst into laughter as I read these paragraphs:

… Some of these bonuses might fall into what I classify as the “crap stack”.

…This refers to a stack of useless bonuses that have absolutely no relation to the product itself. Some people try to impress you with the sheer volume of bonuses (crap) that you get. Not me.

Heh. Ouch.


  1. I like the simple, direct, honest approach. Like Woody Maxim. He said that Jeff was having a cool contest that he would like to win…so optin.

  2. Hi,
    I also got bombarded with all the deals that you could get if you bought PLF 2 from the affiliates link. I must say that this launch was so hyped up and everyone wanted to sell it because it was such a high priced product and the commission would be great. But what about those affiliates that are not as well known as the big boys and don’t have such an offer to give you if you use their link. These affiliates diddn’t have a chance in hell of making a sell. I feel it’s a little unfair for the little fish to be pushed out like that. It’s a hard world of internet marketing!