Getting a paid autoresponder is not about looking good

Yesterday, I sent out an email using my regular Ms Outlook email client, using an email account hooked up with my webhost provider… To my surprise, today I received a bounce back from my friend’s Yahoo email address, with this:

Email Deferred

Basically, I am using a shared web hosting, and that means that there are probably hundreds or thousands of users around the world using the same server with the same IP address.

… and someone with an account has been very naughty – sending mass unsolicited mail, which triggered Yahoo to defer mails from the particular IP.

It was lucky for me, because it is not a business email. But that emphasises the need for marketers to use professional email marketing services like AWeber or GetResponse. Because companies like these pay a lot of attention to having their server IPs in the white list in many ISPs, so that your mails get delivered.

Imagine how much money could potentially be lost if you have used your own web host IP to mail out your marketing messages?


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