Google’s 1st Page in 17 minutes!?

Whaaat???! As I am typing this I can’t even believe it myself.

I was just re-editing my previous post on SPH Search just now, and I refreshed the other tab in my browser, only to find that my post was in the first page of Google!

Google first page in 17 minutes

Well, maybe I just got really lucky huh. Maybe my good friend Mr Googlebot came visiting me right after I hit publish! :mrgreen: Its nice to be good friends with Mr Googlebot 😉

But it also shows one thing – how uncompetitive the term “SPH Search” is!


  1. Hi Kian Ann,

    You are good. Googlebot really likes you. I didn’t know Googlebot is working hard.

    Ranked in first page of Google in 17 minutes. That’s about as fast as paying for Adwords listing.

    And has to resort to paying to be listed for these search terms?

    Here’s the ad:

    Exciting online jobs
    Join SPH in our search engine marketing sales team.

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  3. Actually this is not at all rare!

    It happened to me too, apparently the searches will stabilize in a few days, so just dont get your hops up to high.

    I think I’m still ranked number one for the keyword Market Treasure on google.


  4. I checked today, after a week from your announcement… and you are still there! Shi is also on the first page. I am going to write to our community to let them know about this. People do need to know how the search engine works. Powerful Vehicle!

  5. Kian Ann, I think you calculate wrongly the time the indexing takes.

    You need to go to your WP admin panel and locate the time when you first publish your post. That’s the starting time. Calculate backwards what time is “17 minutes ago”. That’s your ending time. The time in between is the correct duration.

    My post above took 100 minutes to appear in page 4 now for “sph search” (without inverted commas).