Learn how you can get into Google’s first page in 9 hours!

I’m pleasantly surprised that my effort (and stubborn-ness) in building this blog has paid off so well.

I was supposed to sleep early last night, but I didn’t – I came back online and did the post on Social Rank. It was 1.50am.

Its almost 11:00am on the same day now, and when I did a Google search on “Social Rank”, this blog actually came up in the first page!

Google First Page in 9 Hours

But its still the main page of the blog, not the permalink page… yet!

Well, so if you’d ask me, is SEO really hard? I’d say no. Its just takes a lot of discipline, and the attitude of perfectionism. Remember, in SEO you are a human trying to please a robot, and in the robot’s perspective, a 1 is a 1, and a 0 is a 0. There is no half!

If you are interested to learn more about SEO, really, do go and register for the SEO workshop by my mentor Shi Heng Cheong. If you take his advice for search optimization and marketing and apply it to your own website in disciplined manner, you can be assured that you will see results!


  1. Dear Tan,

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  2. Hey Paul,

    Thanks for your comments and it a great blog you have.

    I think you are on track – you need to keep posting and getting backlinks, doing commenting and basically marketing your blog more, and you can be sure your stats will show the results. 🙂