Happy Bloggy Birthday, Blogopreneur!

Hah. I’ve been spending like 18 hours out of home these few days, terribly busy with work, but I just gotta post this today.

Yeah, this blog is one year old! Happy Birthday Blogopreneur!

Blogopreneur Birthday

The past one year has be exhilirating – 294 posts (that’s not a lot actually, compared to some people I have in my blogroll), 1421 comments… and the most popular post being the one on the Installation of WordPress MU on a CPanel Server.

I guess the time which I enjoyed the most were the days where I stayed up late at night (in Singapore time) to keep pressing the refresh (F5) key on some of the blogs in my blogroll just to refesh the comments and keep chatting – like Liz’s, Ted’s, and of course Easton’s (who was the one who introduced me into this world of business blogging). It was fun!

Along the way, this blog has also help me to get in touch with many local entrepreneurs and business bloggers – John Tan, Walter, Glenn, Alvin and Calvin. You people are great – thanks for all the comments and support.

Yeah, as mentioned, work has been piling up on me, so its been kinda tough taking time to blog, but you know what? Shhh… I’ll be back blogging fanatically soon! Tell you guys more when that happens 🙂

I gotta get back to work now. :mrgreen:


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Time flies. Your baby is now one year old.

    Good to hear you’ll be back blogging fanatically.

    P.S. Time to do more publicity for your blog and boost your PR!

  2. Hi Kian Ann!
    You’ve kept me up at night (Chicago time) delightfully commenting with you as well. I remember many nights commenting on your blog and my blog with you at the same time. It has been wonderful.

    Happy Blog Birthday!

  3. Hi Char! Thank you! Yes, the first is always the toughest, so I’ve broken my egg!

    Easton, Thank you too! I’m sure you have great things coming ahead for you too!

    Tim, thanks! It was working with you which I learnt a lot! 🙂

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