Comex 2007 Singapore post popped out of Google. Totally.

For some reason or another, my Comex 2007 post (which was my another attempt to optimize and monetize on search trends) was popped out of Google totally today.

The day after I posted – I was third for the keyword “Comex 2007 Singapore”. I then put up some additional text to offer space for an advertiser. Since I had some traffic coming in for the PC Show 2007 post.

Then when I checked it today, it was gone. Totally, from Google.

Instead, my PC Show 2007 post was the one that showed in the first page for that same search term.

It must have something to do with the advert update. My Singapore NDP post is still staying strong in the first page.

Comex 2007 Singapore Post out of Google

Have I done anything wrong? I guess either someone in Google really hates me, or some “SED” (search engine de-optimizer) magician has casted a curse on me :mrgreen:

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