More on search trend optimization and using blogs for crisis

Haha.. I was checking my stats yesterday (or was it two days ago), and I found that I’m getting some traffic for the keyword “Singapore NDP” and “NDP Singapore”.

In fact, I’m ranked 4th in Google for these keywords – in just 6 days!

Singapore NDP Bloggers

I talked about Search Trend Optimization some time ago – predicting upcoming keywords, and then positioning well for them. Well this goes to show again, that it really works!

Now, consider this strategy for use in a crisis.

Imagine something unfortunate has happened about your company and you need to clear the air. At that moment, you might really need a good position in the search engine ranking, so that people are directed to an article on your company website for the message direct from your company, rather than reading possibly twisted arguments and opinions from the other participants in social media.

That’s the power which a well optmized blog or website can bring you. How much is your company reputation worth?


  1. That’s a very powerful idea – so SEO can be used as a tool for damage control and crisis management. Then SMO, social media optimization will be even more important.

  2. Hey Shi!

    Yes, actually I after all the networking in the different social networking sites, or participating in blogs, what we all want to acheieve is to be able to influence other’s thinking with our message – to have “fans” that support you and friends that know who you are and will help in spreading the right message for you.