How do you optimize your blog for social media marketing?

This is what social media optimization is about, and in this article on Social Media Optimization Tips Louise Rijk shares with us several pointers, from content creation to navigation structure of your website, to how to format your copy. Excellent read.

In Louise’s article, she explained also, the different objectives between SEO and SMO.

…Whereas SEO is designed to help leverage your content in organic search, SMO is designed to help achieve greater visibility on social media sites. Your content might be very original and provide high value for your target audience, but if it’s disorganized and you have not provided an easy way for visitors to pass it along the social web, it probably won’t be effective in your social media marketing campaign.

SMO is more human targeted, more usability, and “sharabilty“. SEO is more to “get results in organic search engines”. But we all know that we need both, don’t we?

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