PC Show 2007 Singapore

From this morning (31 May 2007) to Sunday night (3 June 2007), the PC show is on at Suntec City, Singapore, so people looking out for the newest gadgets can hop on down grab the offers!

PC Show 2007 Singapore at Suntec City

Well… its barely been three months since the last IT Show, and I’m don’t feel I’m in need of any new hardware at the moment – I just formatted my computer again and its running smoothly like new!

I’ve bought my webcam already, and my desk is already overflowing with gadgets. Heh.

Maybe if I can finish my outstanding work, I might drop by on Saturday or Sunday to check out the latest digital camera (my old one is long due for change, after lugging it with me through all my trekking trips), or a RAID system so that I can backup my data with ease of mind.

IF, I can finish my work. 😛


  1. Heya Glenn,

    I think at the rate PC technology is changing – I would recommend you get the cheapest! Afterall, a $3000 PC will be “depreceated” in 1 year, and so will at $700 one. 😛

    But if I were to buy a PC, I’d DIY.

  2. hey, cn i know whether theres any more pc shows coming on? im in need of one but chep with d features. thanks.

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