Finally back in town and in front of my computer!

Phew! Its been 9 days since I last posted! Seriously, I don’t remember the “break” being that long! Well, I was overseas in Malaysia for most of the time, and then after I was back in Singapore I was swamped with all the emails from everywhere, and then I am down (I still am) with a very terrible cough! It was crazy! But I did make a few distinctions!

Blog Marketing for Beginners in Kuala Lumpur!

Yeah, I ran my first 2 hour seminar session in Kuala Lumpur last week, and it was a fabulous experience! Thank you, friends, who have attended the session. Even though my sore throat and cough then was giving me the toughest challenges, I do hope that you have enjoyed the session as much as I do.

Here are just two pictures, anyway.

Blog Marketing for Beginners

Blog Marketing for Beginners

Catching Up with Fellow Blogger and Internet Marketer – Steven Wong

I actually met Steven a couple of years ago (2004) in a seminar in KL. After that, we didn’t really keep in contact until he found me through my trekking blog. After that, we hooked up with each other again on Skype and I got to know that he is also blogging at, and even has his own Internet Marketing Training Videos!

Meeting Up with Steven Wong

This trip to Kuala Lumpur was a time for us to catch up face to face, after so many years – and it is really wonderful to meet up with old friends again.

Well… so that is one more use of blogs. Keeping up with old friends!

Optimizing KC See’s Blog

Before I left Singapore last week, I also managed to squeeze in time to create a new theme for KC See’s Blog. Here is what it looks like now.

KC See’s Blog

It might not be a beautiful theme, but at least it is now moved away from the default Kubrick theme used by millions of other users, and more importantly, it is an optimized theme, especially with the use of headers to present a proper information hierarchy to search spiders.

So while this blog has not been updated for 9 days – a lot of other things have been going on! Today is another day to follow up with some of the things still undone… and most irritatingly (is there such a word?), my computer is giving me haphazard problems, so I guess its time for another reformat!

Sounds like a lot of things to do for the remaining of the week! Heh! Nuances of the one-man home-based business that I have to bear with, I guess!


  1. Hi Kian Ann,

    It is feel good to meet up with you again in KL. What a wonderful experience with you during the workshop. You have also enlighten me some of the good point here.

    I am sorry for not able to show you around in KL as rushing for my new project which I told you about dropshipping website. I will let you know once it is go live!

    I look forward to have more meeting like this in future.

    All the best and God Bless You.

  2. Hey Steven,

    Its been great meeting up with you and learning from you too! No worries about not being able to show me around – I must thank you for the supper though! 😉

    All the best for your new project!

  3. hey kian ann, you’ve been busy! so you’re carrying out your blog marketing seminars still ? fascinated that it stretched to m’sia too.. interesting. Hope to really catch up with you soon.