Bookmarks Explosion for Boxing Day 2006!

Bookmarks ExplosionHere you go! 🙂

  1. Launching a new blog? Here are 21 Surefire Tips for a Successful Blog Launch, a post that commanded over 800 Diggs, and BloggingHelp’s additional recommendations for these tips. Be sure to go through them.
  2. If you are doing some affiliate marketing, Jason is here to share with you how to mask your affiliate links. No prior technical knowledge required, and no nasty .htaccess files to mess up 😉
  3. WebPro News shares how go get out of Google’s supplemental index and get into the real one, be a real blog dude!
  4. Mike shares his first habit for better blogging in 2007 (before 2007!) and without turning on the computer. (This sounds like a good year long series that I could do to)
  5. Are you already halfway on your Internet Marketing path to glory? Singapore’s Andrew Wee tells you to hold on, stay firm, and keep fanning your BBQ pit, because one day it will be time for your start BBQing your tasty chicken wings! :mrgreen:

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