SEO Workshop in Singapore

SEO Workshop in SingaporeI just realised what proper search engine optimization (SEO) has done for my blog. Its crazy. I’m really happy with the results I am getting!

For a quick update – my traffic for the month of November was 17 times my traffic for September! That is a whopping 1700%! And I am getting listed 36 times more in keywords phrase searched in November than in September. This is awesome isn’t it? (Okay… I admit its quite shameless to call myself awesome, but I deserve it after the hard work don’t I) :mrgreen:

Some Internet marketers may argue that SEO is not important when you have an email list, and search algorithms can change overnight, so while you can spend a full year optimizing your site, Google can “for no reason” pull you down and you will lose all your traffic. This is partially true, and in fact, Problogger Darren Rowse was even posting about what should you do if your Google Ranking falls and you lose all your traffic.

Darren’s advice in 7 steps are

  1. Don’t panic
  2. Wait
  3. Analyze/research
  4. Improve your site
  5. Diversify
  6. Contact Google
  7. Re-evaluate

I want to emphasize his statement:

This advice is written for people who have not being trying to game Google. If you engage in black hat SEO then it might be that you’ve been banned or penalized for doing so – I’m not aware of what you should do in this case.

However, I want to also point this out – There is no reason why Google should kick you out unless you are doing something wrong, isn’t it? The role of search engines is the bring the most related websites for a particular search term. If you fulfil that criteria, I really don’t see why Google, or any search engine for that matter, to downgrade your rankings.

Anyway, for today, what I want to do is to share with you this opportunity to do the same.

No! No! I’m not ready to teach you yet! I’m recommending my mentor’s SEO web design workshop. I tell you, this is by far the best SEO training you will ever get in Singapore. Guaranteed!

He will be organising a hands-on workshop in January.

I spoke to him a couple of days back, and I told him that he is really charging too little for his course, considering the quality of the information, and he affirmed that he will be working towards raising the fee for subsequent workshops.

His SEO works! To put it simply, if you are willing to follow the principles taught in the workshop, I can guarantee that you will be able to rank well in search engines for the keyword you target! Check out the best SEO course in Singapore, and sign up now!

To testify that his SEO works big time, let me take on this challenge – that the permalink for this post, yes, this one I am writing right now will rank in the first page of Google for the term “SEO Workshop in Singapore” before Christmas 2006!

Update: This post is now ranked 4th in Google, with my blog ranking 3rd, and my mentors’ pages ranking first and second. In mere 28 hours! So yeah, it works. 🙂



  1. Thanks! Kian Ann.

    I do SEO because (to me) it is easier than email marketing. I’ve already spent a lot time and “expended” many domains to learn what the search engines do not like. But have not done much with email marketing. So easy comes after the hard work!

    Too many people want to see quick results and do things that search engines especially Google does not like.

    Some internet marketers want to complicate things and use scare tactics to try sell their products. Many resort to black-hat tricks. For Singaporean readers: Like dat, sure die one!)

    I discover that if you are not doing the “wrong” things then you are already optimizing for the search engines.

    For those new to SEO: just be a good, patient and hardworking webmaster, and Google, Yahoo and Live Search will like you. It’s that simple and easy.

  2. Well for a technical person like myself, I’d agree that SEO is a lot easier than email marketing – I am better at understanding computers than understanding humans :mrgreen: … but I guess the ultimate is to be able to combine both strategies! 🙂

  3. I actually started up Typer Tappers to learn a little more about SEO my previous sites wasn’t blogging material, which is the best way to learn about SEO, but at the moment the majority of my traffic is coming from Google then Yahoo MSN is at the bottom of the list :p.

    I hate people using blackhat tricks because it just screws up everyones search results, don’t even try learning about then because their stupid.

    I’ve never actually tried email marketing before so i cant really compare the two.

    I wish their was a SEO Workshop close to me could be interesting and a hell of alot faster.

    But currently in my eyes it is KEYWORDS everywhere you want them in the url, header, content etc, the second i would say is :D.

  4. Thanks Mike – Sorry I don’t have bbCode and I had to edit your comment a little. You can use the HTML <b> 😉

    Anyway, no no, SEO is about noting where you put your keywords, but there is a fine line between optimizing and keyword spamming. Google is a lot smarter these days!

    I think the best way to get your site up the ranks is really to do good – to contribute quality content to both your own site and the sites around you with the same niche.

  5. Ah cool i always thought html would be disabled, you learn something everyday!

    So many people have said to me that it is quality but that is my downfall so i have to try as hard as i can on the smaller ways to get me high up in the ranks :).

  6. Actually one very important thing I’ve learnt is off page SEO is so much more powerful that on page – so even if you got a 10,000 word essay on cars with keywords all over, if all your incoming links say you talk about dogs, then to Google, you talk about dogs 😉

  7. Ok, YOU WIN. This post is now NUMBER 1 on Google and NUMBER 2 on Yahoo for the keywords seo workshop in singapore.

    Thank you for illustrating your point so forcefully. 😉