Its Blog Tipping Day!

Blog TippingYeah! I almost forgot! Its already 11:20pm here… so still have time! Here are my blog tippiees for this month!

Number #1 1800-HART! :mrgreen:

The three most wonderful things about Hart’s blog are that

  1. Hart’s blog is right up with the news! I mean, I could see consistently like 2 or 3 posts a day… and we all know that posting frequently can be quite demanding at times but he’s done it!
  2. I simply love it when I can easily find a picture of the author of a blog, whether it is in the front page or one click away – it serves very much to make the blog very personal, and I can literally see Hart standing there talking to me – and Hart has his on the front page!
  3. Well, not so much of his blog, but more of himself! From my own observations, Hart is a very regular commenter in many popular blogs, and man he goes all the way to help people! This post on blog backup testifies for that!

One nitty point to help – I see you are a wonderful writer! Perhaps you could have a very short description of your blog right at the top of the page. This will show readers what your blog is about!

Number #2 Blogging to Fame by Divya Uttam! :mrgreen:

  1. Divya’s provides very useful insights in her post! Stuff about blog marketing, RSS… etc. She knows her stuff man!
  2. I love the way Divya presents some of her articles – using bullets, subheadings and stuff where appropriate. Most of her posts longer than the average blog post length, and doing this really makes the articles easier on the eyes.
  3. Divya also post very regularly, and I highly suspect that it is a result of a disciplined blogging schedule. While she doesn’t have 6 posts a day, her posts are very evenly spaced out. You can be sure of at least two quality articles every week!

Divya, it would be wonderful if you could move away from the Blogger default templates – this will make your blog very unique! Here is one resource for free templates. I understand it might take time though.

Number #3 Ririan Project! :mrgreen:

  1. Ririans content is nothing but SUPERB! Quality consistent content on personal development and tips for self improvement!
  2. Every blog post starts with a quote! I love that! And the quotes are related to the post, which makes it even more wonderful!
  3. Pretty interface – clean and focused. I’d noticed that the colors are so matching too! See the blue color RSS feed icon? 😛

Hmmm… eeehhh.. this is tough, I can’t find anything to improve on Ririan’s blog. Its wonderful! Heh.

Wait a minute! What is this Blog Tipping about?

Here’s the description from Easton Ellsworth, the founder of Blogtipping!

It’s where you forget yourself for a few minutes and think about another blogger. It’s a win-win. All you do is this: Say three nice things and offer one simple tip.

Find out more on Easton’s Blog.


  1. Hi Thank you for all the appreciation. I am planning for a major project on a unique domain name by, so that all the designing issues can be handeled. Though the site is not yet online but is planned to launch within next month. You are amongst the first few people I told it about.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the Blogtip! And, kind words and the suggestion. I have given that much thought.

    Currently, my tagline on the MastHead says ..
    HART’s mind works in mysterious ways … someone should take advantage of that!

    Actually, when I go about adding this site to directories, or other places .. my standard blurb has been modified to say ..
    My tagline says: “HART’s mind works in mysterious ways .. someone should take advantage of that!” Basically, this is an accounting, bookkeeping and income tax blog .. with SOHO tips and non-business related information, entertainment and other mysterious amusements to keep me occupied when I’m bored or stressed out!

    It just didn’t all fit on my MastHead .. so I never bothered to change it 🙂 Perhaps on my next design!

  3. Wow, that was fast! Great job Hart! After seriously blogging for three months, I learnt that changing the blog setting and everything should not be a one time set it and leave it kinda thing. Its an ongoing process… that will never end!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. It was funny, I was reading another post about technorati the other day, and decided to add that “FAVE” me link on my PetLvr blog and was checking to see if anybody added me .. (they didn’t). But, then I saw your post! Pure Luck.

    In case your trackbacks don’t work .. I added this also .. \\ Have a good weekend too!

  5. Hey Divya! Your new template looks wonderful.. and it looks really well organised for this lot of information you are putting up there. Well done!! 🙂 I love the little icon with thumbs up!