The site map to the Internet GYM

Site Map Spider WebHave you submitted your sitemap to Google? If not, its time to do so now!

The Google Blog just announced that their sitemap protocol has been adopted by the other two big search engines, Yahoo and MSN. So the whole big 3 (GYM) wants your sitemap!

WHAT what what? What sitemap are you talking about?

I don’t know nuts now either, but I know where to head to find out. The place to create and submit them is your Google Webmaster Tools, and the place for the documentation of the XML protocol is here! At least, that’s what the Google guys said. :mrgreen:

Actually, for the normal person (i.e. non-geek :mrgreen:), I’d just suggest you head to Google Webmaster Tools. Over there, you can add your site, and submit a sitemap.

Here are some instructions on creating a sitemap file. Adding the sitemap for bloggers is really chicken feed, because we are have feeds! And Google accepts both RSS (Real Simple Syndication) 2.0 and Atom 0.3 formats! 😀 However, for blogs with a big archive, you might want to submit the Sitemap Generator-ed file and leave it there for a while first for your old posts to get crawled. 🙂

For the lazy me, I’m just going to publish a 99 post feed for a couple of days, and let the spiders crawl. :mrgreen: WordPress users, simply point Google to It should work since its a RSS 0.2 feed.

Update: Wow! It seems that the Yahoo Search blog and the Live Search blog also have updates, and so this is for real! When was the last time you seen such a coordinated front from the big 3? :mrgreen:


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