Its blog backup day!

Blog Backup DayThe peeps over at started a “Blog Backup Day” last month, and today (okay it is “yesterday” for me now) is the second time.

I think I shall opt-in to this wonderful schedule to backup my blog at least once a month.

So when you see this, log into your blog admin and backup your blog now! If you don’t know how, they even have a nifty guide to backup your blog! Spread the word around! Its totally important!

If your blog brings you your daily rice, then you’d better spend time to make sure you don’t go hungry in the case of a server crash! You can re-build your blog template, but if your posts are lost, the blog would be a total goner!

Back up now! Yeah, I mean NOW! 🙂


  1. You can never have enough backups – I don’t think once a month is enough.

    You know there is Sallie Goetsch out there at sending you weekly reminders via email every Friday if you sign up!

    Also – I use the wordpress Database backup plugin, along with wp-cron plugin on most of my sites, and every night at midnight it backs up MySQL tables and emails it to my gmail account. I think I’m at 6% space in that account .. good for a while it would seem – I’m sending about 15 blogs nightly now. Others I do once a week or whenever the heck I remember to do it.

  2. Great! Another future blog is saved from potential ruin and mishap! only 149,999,999,999 left to go .. and my work will be done!

    Actually .. I would still recommend signing up to Sally’s email reminder .. it reminds you to check your gmail account to be sure that everything is being sent automatically every day or night like it’s supposed to!

  3. Hey Hart, is the WP-Cron working with no problems for WordPress 2.0? I’ve read that there are a couple of quirky issues. I have that same issue when I enable WP-Cron Reminder… I get 60 emails in 60 minutes! 😛

  4. Oh – when you get that wp-cron plugin, there was um.. 6 or so plugins .. I did NOT activate the wp-cron-mail and the wp-cron-reminder plugins .. and they work perfectly.

    If that helps. I did what you did when I first started, and was receiving at that time 8 emails every 15 minutes .. it was a little annoying but they stopped when I deactivated the wp-reminder one.

    Let me know if that helps .. I do get the updates when you comment 🙂

  5. Alright, thanks Hart – I guess the reminder plugin is a little quirky. Heh. I’ll just activate the blog backup and the future pings 😉

  6. I’m not really sure what it does actually. It doesn’t affect my daily backups by not having it activated. You know .. it aint broke, so didn’t fix it. wp-cron + wp-db-backup is all you need

  7. Okay thanks Hart, once again. wp-future-pings is used for prescheduled posts – in a nutshell, it helps to suppress the pings for future dated posts, and then occasionally comes back to check. If the post is ready for display, then the pings are sent 😉 Pretty important if you are pre-scheduling posts, to prevent ping spamming.

  8. Wow. Learn something new everyday. I am king of pre-posting .. just last weekend I preposted about 50 articles among my blogs. I should check that pinging out and see if it is an issue. I don’t think it is, but you never know.

  9. Hehe… yeah you should really check out the pings, wouldn’t want to ping Pingomatic 50 times and without visible updates, and then let your posts appear without letting them know. 🙂

  10. Well .. I’ve activated the Future Pings plugin, but haven’t noticed anything different really – ping-wise .. or traffic spikes…

    How’s the backup cron working out?

  11. Hey Hart, I didn’t get any database backups through the cron. I personally don’t use future posts very often, so I am also not sure if the future pings plugin work…

    Its weird – the wp-cron code looks really fine, at least to me (a WP plugins newbie), so I really don’t understand why it isn’t working! 😕