Fortune 500 Blog Review: Capital One

Since this is my first Fortune 500 blogs review, I’ll just type anything and everything I do and observed as I make my journey to unravel any blogging business in Capital One or the lack of.

Capital One Website. Front page – no sign of the word blog. Searched “blog” … The reply was “There were no results for blog. Here are the results for log.” (Nice. They check for misspellings in their searches)

Googled blog and the variants – web log, weblog, blogs, web logs, weblogs… Nothing.

Googled “Capital One” Blog and the variants. Ooooh… Lots of other sites, but nothing official.

On to Technorati. One blog! Its by an employee, more of a personal one, talking about life at work. Six posts, started on February 24th, 2006.

I learnt one thing from the blog.

There’s (apparently) long been a tradition in Cap One’s IT department of giving a Lava Lamp to anyone who makes a particularly memorable schoolboy error.

Google Finance and Google Blog Search! Lots of blogs, all talking about their experience with the service and the credit cards and selling and buying of their shares… and hey! I found my previous post! :mrgreen: Oh… I took 57 mins already.

Nothing on Yahoo Directory too!

So, it looks like there are no official corporate blogs by Capital One! The closest were press releases and newsletters. But no blogs.

Most sites that turned out under the search were either regular bloggers talking about issues related to Capital One like phishing and interest rates, or just regular blogs with Capital One ads in their Yahoo! Search Marketing or Google Ads.

I think they could do with a blog to address issues like the top ranking website when I searched for “Capital One” bloga complaint site, or sites like this.

Do you think Capital One get started with a blog? From my hour of search experience, I have a feeling they are gonna get a good number of comments on their blog when they start one (if they ever do).

So, what’s in your wallet? Now, there are credit cards, loans and financing, direct banking… anything and everything but blogs. :mrgreen:


  1. Welcome to the unethical world of Capital One.

    It’s July 2007, and I was treated like chattel by this heartless corporation. The mercenary representative: Ernesto, employee # UNX 232.

    As soon as I found that my rate jumped from 5.99% to 11.90% i called immediately and insisted that it be brought back down. I too was told that it’s too bad, that I missed their notice. I said I never got one, which I didn’t. They told me it wasn’t sent with my statement. Also Ernesto told me that this has happened to thousands of customers and him too. But he informed me it was too late. Then, when I said I want you to specifically tell me that you refuse to revert my interest rate back to its original rate, he said he’d have to terminate the conversation if I was recording it. too funny–I wasn’t recording it, but in theory they can record it.

    Now, I’m stuck paying this unethical rate until my balance will be down to zero. Is there any way this uncaring mercenary company can be held accountable? Is there at least one attorney general who cares?

    Keep posting and please start posting as many warnings as you can about this vipers.


  2. Unfortunately, this rate will not return to the lower rate just by bringing your balance down to zero. Chances are, it will never be lowered. Also, if you have several cards, and it doesn’t matter if they are capital one cards or not, all your capital one cards will rise to higher rates. Also many other credit card companies do the same. These companies check out your rates and credit history with other companies and copy each other all on the same customer. Standard practice universally. It’s all rigged! 😡

  3. Capital One is one of the worst companies I have ever had the frustration of dealing with.
    My husband recently had back surgury and was going to be off of work. We contacted all of our creditors and worked out arrangements with them for reduced payment during his time off of work. We contacted Capital One and we were able to defer 1 auto loan payment and we were told by the rep on the phone that we could extend this if needed based on his return to work date.
    When I called 3 weeks later to extend for 1 additional month due, to the Dr extending his original time off, I was told I would have to fax the Dr return slip to them and they would review and call me back. I did as I was asked and waited for a call back. When Juan from Texas called me he informed me that this was not possible to do since a 1 month deferrment had already been extended to us. He told us that it “would take an act of God” to get this to go through. I asked for a Supervisor and was transferred to a voicemail for Brad. I left a message and didn’t recieve a call back. I again called Juan only to be told that Brad would be calling me back later that day, but to call Juan if I had not heard from him Brad by the next day. I called back 2 days later and Juan tells me that Brad has been waiting for my call. I ripped into Brad for not returning my call(he stated he never got the VM message) but there was nothing that he could due because their software would allow them to defer anther payment, then he blamed it on their lenders and the excuses went on and on. I will never deal with this company again, and will deter people from using them for any type of credit or financing. Anytime I get the oppourtunity to bad mouth this crappy company I will do so.

  4. capital one is abusing customers, i filed bankrupsy in 1999 and less than two years later they gave me a credit card. i file 10,000 against them. i think it’s bad business to give credit when not deserved. now i am in trouble again. as american’s we should stop this corp. from preying on people who have trouble with credit cards. i am somewhat to blame, but they are more so i feel.the court stand up for them, but not for the people of this country. we as a whole should file against them for bad business practices.



  7. Dear Capital One,

    You’re doing a terrible job.

    I wish I’d never fallen for your claim of providing customer service. My experience with American Express is about a million times better. Guess how many years I’ve been with them? Sixteen. Your service, on the other hand, is so bad I cannot wait to close my account.

    Your people barely speak English, but that’s not the worst part. They are unfailingly rude.

    My husband and the main account holder is not a criminal but that’s how he’s being treated by your fraud department. They are clearly not serving him but instead treating him (and me) with the utmost dis-courtesy I’ve ever experienced.

    I don’t appreciate this one bit.

    And you know what else? You’re wasting your money on your advertising when your REAL service looks like my experience.

    Here’s what you can look for on the internet: I’m having a similarly frustrating experience with Capital One and their crappy “service”. Oops, my husband accidentally shredded his card, called for a new one then charged some tickets in Spain on my card. This triggered their fraud department. Too bad they didn’t tell him not to use the card (mine). He explained it was him who made the charge and they said ok. Then their rude fraud people started calling, acting like he was a criminal or like they were talking to an imposter. We are still trying to get the card off their “hold” status so we can close it. Always a different story from these “customer service” people about what’s required to straighten out the account. Granted, my husband did answer a credit question wrong, but not everyone knows what their car payment was 7 years ago. We’ve been through the wringer with Capital One. The whole reason we got the card was so we could use it to make international charges and now it’s completely backfired and we’re subject to their increasingly rude and obnoxious non-answers and non-help. I wish I’d never gotten an account with these non-professionals.

    You’ve wasted enough of my time already, but don’t be surprised to see my comments, as I said, in as many places on the internet as I can think of. Other people should know what horrible abuse they can prepare themselves for if they ever have an innocent situation arise such as the one I am dealing with.

    I hate your company.

    Amy Bowen

  8. Capital One is the worst thing u can start with. they charging unbelievable a lot. I had £ 200 on my credit card. I already paid them £700 back, but they still want to charge me around £300.
    I just stopped answering to their phone calls. I’m not going to pay them more.
    plus I am a full time student.
    Capital One really sucks

  9. Capital One’s dispute department is terrible. I have been going round and round with them for months over a charge a made with, unfortunately, a dis-reputable merchant. They acknowledge my concern and remove the charge. They heard lies from the merchant and put the charge back on. They took it off again and now have put it back on permanently because time has expired to contest it. Their letters claim they never received the requested information from me yet if I get a rep on the phone they acknowledge that in fact my responses have been received in a timely manner. Why they have sided with a merchant with a terrible BBB record instead of the consumer who has been cheated is beyond belief. This is not customer service!

  10. My daughter financed her car through Capital One. She is trying to sell the car and still had a small balance on the outstanding loan. She called Capital One to get thier payoff procedure. Her first instructions were to do a bank transfer and the lien would be released in 7 days. After she followed these instructions she called to check on the progress and was told it would take up to 35 days. She asked how to expedite and was told if she canceled the bank transfer and did wire transfer it would be released the following day. She followed these instruction. When she checked the following day she was told they would make the release in a week. Again she asked how to expedite and was instructed to send a cashiers check overnight and they would release the lien once they recieved the check. They acknowledged receiving the check the next day and now are saying 72 working hours. After jumping through all Capital One’s hoops and spending in excess of $300 we are no closer to getting the title release than we were two weeks ago. Capital One sucks on after sales service. Beware deal with someone local when financing a car. Capital One is not a trust worthy comnpany. They deal as though they are untouchable. My cry would be for all of us to stop patronizing Crapital One.

  11. Capital one is a joke in every way. Hassle free credit card my but. Best auto loan around ha. They pulled the payment out of my account twice. When I called them and said wait I never got a confirmation on the first payment and now you pulled it twice all they could say. Its your faul for submitting it twice. I said its you computer error. Their response “Its not our fault and you can take it up with our bank.” I shouldn’t have to take it up with my bank that they pulled the payment twice. Now I have to meet with the bank to stop payment (fee). Pay the overdraft fees they caused (more fees) and then pay the returned check fee through them (fees). Capital not hassle should be Capital one all about the fees and how to screw you.

  12. Hahahaha! That’s my blog. Hilarious. I’d forgotten all about that.

    And it’s worth noting I worked for Capital One UK – while a subtly different beast altogether to your Stateside, many of the complaints people seem to have are quite similar.

    I miss my lava lamp.

  13. I have a 6 Million commercial loan with Capital One, it appears that they are trying to put the loan in default to put pressure on us to payoff so they can deleverage, we can not speak to anyone of any authority there, they seem to high very well…… Does anyone have the same experience. We are considering all of our options.

  14. normally i don’t don’t complain but Capital One should be taken over by the government and it’s directors rid off and left unemployed. The ones that are in charge of this institution should be prosecuted for false advertisement and theft. i paid MONTHLY for payment protection for 3 years and when i finally need it because i went unemployed they forgot about those payments i made for the past three years. not to mention they never informed me i wasn’t receiving my benefits that i had paid for the past three years so. and they cant even keep their shit straight, nothing short of high level thieves, stealing in clear view of they people and governments.
    IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING CAPITAL ONE, think hard and look at what people have to say about capital one and anything that has to do with capital one has lost my business for life. but i this is just my opinion and what i have bin dealing with for months. try them out and see how you like it. LOL.

    1-Costumer service sucks.

    2-can’t transfer you to another department you always have to call someone else because they “have very little information” or barely SPEAK ENGLISH. just keep in mind there’s always another number to call.

    3-they cant keep track of anything. so if they cant remember the payments i made in order to protect myself against hard times and only wish to make difficult moment harder then i say F*** this. i learned my lesson.

    THEY FUCK OVER MANY OTHERS IM SURE AND NEVER THINK OF THE THE BAD ADVERTISEMENT THEY GET THRUE **WORD OF MOUTH**. people trust and believe their friend over a BS comercial. so i hope they go out of business. it’s not like they’re helping the American economy by OUTSOURCING and having people that cant speak English deal with what they call COSTUMER SERVICE. capital one so shity i bet neither the employees nor the board use their own product that’s a sign of shitty service. LOL.

  16. Here is an email I had to send to Capital One today: “I recently recieved my credit card in the mail and used it for several days before setting up my PIN through the automated voice system. The next day I tried to make a withdrawl from an ATM (belonging to my personal bank) and was denied. I thought something was wrong with the machine, so I went to a local Wal-Mart to make a purchase and get cash back. The card was denied again. I called and was immediately transfered to fraud who told me my card was flagged. They could not explain why. The associate told me I had to mail or fax in additional information. I called back later to explain that I was going out of town and needed the funds, but the person I spoke to then was unhelpfull. She would not explain why, after using the card and setting up a PIN under your system, it was locked down. When I asked to speak to her supervisor she refused to put me in contact with one. This is a major isssue, as I am often away from home for work and personal trips, and rely on my cards for purchases and hotels. Her refusal to help, to figure a way to resolve the issue, and to let me speak with her supervisor is unacceptable. I will be relaying this story on some of the blogs and social networks so that others can see how this is handled. Hopefully I will be able to report a resonable outcome.”

  17. I just applied for a loan and was forced to put in my current payment before refinancing. Than they just reduced the payment by 40.00 but extended the loan out several more months to two years and the raised interest rate from 6.3 (my current loan) to 18.38. They was sure to tell me how lucky I was. The funny part is they would make more money if they would of went with the terms i need because they would collect more apr over a longer loan. The problem with companies today is that they want to make all they can at total cost to the customer, who should at least recieve a decent service. So I sent this following message back through their confirmation email.
    This is a joke, this is insulting thinking i would extent my loan to save 40 dollars. I realize that you want to make as much as possible but you should try to benefit the customer to. your going to extend my loan to 24 months for almost four times the interest. I may be mistaken but I think this loan was set off of my current payment. I can not believe this is the best you can do. I was thinking about 200.00 a month for five years because i need a extremely lower payment. I can not believe you would want less interest over time. It would benefit you to take this loan because you would receive the interest thus giving profit. I will just stay with the company I have now (your competitor), I thank you for you feeble attempt at service. I will get enjoyment out of this by using this for my paper in business class, and will definitely tell everyone I know (word of mouth).