BusinessBlogWire’s Benefits for Small Business Blogging

It was a great post by Easton from BusinssBlogWire listing 10 Key Benefits of Small Business Blogs today.

1. Increase profit.
2. Increase targeted website traffic.
3. Improve search engine rankings.
4. Market your business quickly and effectively.
5. Get inexpensive, instant content publishing and management.
6. Differentiate yourself from the competition.
7. Establish your expertise.
8. Connect with current and prospective customers.
9. Recruit new employees.
10. Communicate with coworkers and employees.

Blog marketing take on different objectives, depending on the size of the company and the direction in which the company is heading to – and while the MNCs are using blogs as a communications platform, I feel the effect for blog marketing it is most significant in small businesses trying to reach out to people thru the online media!

By starting an online marketing channel, a small business (maybe even a one man show!) can open that window to a 6 billion Internet population! This is something never achievable in traditional media!

Of course, you can take the “easy way out” and say that any Internet outreach campaign can achieve that – you can go ahead and blast a few hundred dollars on Google Adsense or other Internet advertising campaign and get that reach, but what the money spent on Internet advertising cannot get you, is reader participation.

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned why 3 reasons why 30 blog visitors are better than 300 website visitors. A hundred dollars in Internet advertising can bring you hundreds of web visitors, and the same resources, with a little more effort can be put into a blog to build 10 relationships.

You choose.

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