Stop digging your own blogs posts

Neil from Pronet Advertising commented a few days ago about How Not To Get Your URL Banned From Digg. Well that is one article that I felt great reading.

He said:

Here are some of the things that the Digg community considers spam:

  1. Old news
  2. Repeated stories that keep on getting submitted, such as “iPod Spoof Commercials”.
  3. Stories that provide basic information such as “How To Increase Your Blog Traffic”. Although many of these types of stories hit the Digg front page, a lot of diggers hate them and are making noise about them by marking them as spam, or even emailing the Digg staff.
  4. Stories submitted by website owners.

Note the last point!

Since the start of the blog, I’ve emphasised that the best way to get good traffic is to do it the right way – through genuine linking and helping other websites achieve what they want to achieve. Think about it, if YOU set up Digg, would you like bloggers to start submitting every post to you everyday? I’ve even read of programs that does everything automatically! Its utterly disgusting! 😡

There is also another similar story about getting banned on Digg on the MU Life.

The main objective of Digg is to highlight quality articles. Its called a social bookmarking site for a reason. Its for other people to share your content! Website owners are not meant to Digg their own articles. If that were the case, it would be called a “Shameless Self Bookmarking” site. :mrgreen:

The only reason why your article should appear on Digg is that your visitors must have found it of extreme quality, and wants to share it with the world. 🙂 Remember! Stop digging your own blogs posts!


  1. About a few months ago I did digg a couple of my posts just to test the link I was adding to my blog posts. I wasn’t “actively” blogging then so I hadn’t done much reading. I didn’t even know Digg was an integral part of online marketing these days. Ummm…I hope my URL doesn’t get banned or something :-).

  2. Yeah Amrit, actually I think that is a pretty serious issue I see in the Internet marketing arena – gurus are saying that marketing does not require technical knowledge and stuff in order to appease to the non technical crowd to join their programs. What ends up is that these people unknowingly abuse the system.

  3. I submit my articles to digg i bookmark my site because its bookmarked even if you get nasty feedback your still getting visitors.

    I bookmark my posts on all other sites as well its a really good way to get links back and it only takes a couple of minutes, but it doesn’t compare to posting on other blogs or forum, i see the only other way to get dedicated members is to grab them from other blogs :).

    But “shameless self bookmarking” could be a good idea for a new website!

  4. Actually, the issue is how many targeted visitors you get. Is Digg (or any other social bookmarking service) traffic targeted?

    I personally feel that if the content of the post worth bookmarking, it will get bookmarked by your visitors automatically.

    If it is not, the entry will probably only last through the time it goes down the “new entries” list… and with more and more people abusing the system, the traffic is going to die off sooner. Its sad but unfortunate that a lot of people are doing it because of the wrong education 🙁

  5. I only get a couple of visitors from digg but its better than none.

    but about this if its good enough it will be bookmarked too be honest thats a dreamworld, if you look at the sites that are bookmarked you will see that the sites are eather pay per post or aload of crap. So who are these people posting it they must have alot of time on their hands to go around the news sites looking for something to just digg about i really cant see why people use digg?

    Its inevitable that that traffic will die off because at some point or another someone will get bored of them and just bookmark them for their self its just a fad take advantage of it while you can i say, I’m not saying spam them i mean just take the time to put in one link to your site just to help a little with SEO.

  6. I would guess a majority of the Internet users still do not know about monetizing traffic and stuff – they are still regular Internet information consumers 😉

    Yeah I guess it does help to bring in a few visitors – we both have different views on how it should be used, but… well :mrgreen: I just don’t like the way it has been abused by many so called “Internet Marketers”.

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  8. I don’t like when bloggers digg their own content. It really defeats the whole purpose of digg. Of course the blogger diggs his own content. At least digg has added some new features to help stop this. I guess after a while with little results people will just stop digging their own content.