So, I’ve Unleashed My Marketing Genius!

Unleash Your Marketing Genius

Man, its been three full days of UYMG, and I’ve had a blast. Granted, there are some things which are catered for the newer marketers, and I’ve learnt so much from some of the speakers. Particularly, I think my greatest takeaway is the MySpace marketing and traffic generation strategies from Stephen Pierce himself.

Yes, my brains are now overloaded with information and strategies and there is so much to follow up and get started on. I’ve got my notes (a 16 page word document full of bullet points!) which I really need to sit down and digest…

…and more importantly, take action!

WordPress Adsense Seminar by May Ong and Steven Wong!

For Internet entrepreneurs, it is undeniable that one of the fastest way to get started with an Internet income is by putting up Google Adsense on a blog. Well, if you are interested to learn do so then its time for you to get started!

May Ong and Steven Wong – two experienced Internet marketers in Malaysia, are coming together to bring to you the WordPress Adsense Seminar!

WordPress Adsense Seminar by May Ong and Steven Wong!

In WordPress Adsense Mastery (WPAM), we aim to help our student to learn how to create blog and earn long term passive / residual income while you are still working on your 9 to 5 Jobs.

Its a 3 hour seminar at Subang Square Business Centre. Head on to WordPress Adsense Seminar for more details!

Steven is now running a bootcamp Profit Blogging Workshop – a two hour workshop jam packed with tips the easy and legal way to practically Make Money On Demand on the Internet! Check out his new workshop!

Should professional bloggers hire an email marketer?

Char from Essential Keystokes, shared with us recently 7 common e-newsletters pitfalls to avoid, and in that post, she did a great job covering some real pitfalls for email marketers, or really, just anybody who is starts a e-newsletter.

1. Failure to get permission.
2. Using your regular email client
3. Lack of focus
4. Lengthy copy
5. Image blunders
6. One hit wonders
7. No call to action

Email MarketingWell, at least, for me, I’m very guilty of #6! Email newsletters need to be worked on – you need to constantly follow up with your list of leads on a constant basis, and by receiving quality information from you, you build trust, thereby making it easier for you to move these prospects into customers. That is the whole idea of email marketing.

But too many (myself included) get started with an email marketing campaign without proper planning of what you want to deliver through this medium. Taking my example, some of you may know I have put together an e-course sharing what I know about blog marketing, and heck – I spent over a week typing out over 60 pages of text! (if you ever bother to copy all that into a Microsoft Word document)

So, for the first 20 days, an email will be automatically sent out using a sequential autoresponder system, but the point is – after that 20 days, I will have to take the initiative to follow up constantly and consistently.

I haven’t been doing that. Well, that puts one more item on my stack of “To-Do”s! And I know of many other bloggers who probably have a great list contacts, but aren’t doing too well to follow up. Maybe its because we’d rather update our blogs than to compose an email. :mrgreen:

Do you use an email newsletter too? Are you following up with your leads often enough?

Internet marketers do not need to learn HTML?

Internet MarketingOne of the key things that were taught in the World Internet Summit – and agreed upon by many speakers, is that Internet Marketers must focus on the marketing aspect of the website and leave the technical details to the techies.

While I find that proposition true, how true is this statement – “Internet Marketers do not need to know HTML”?

HTML is the language of the web! It is the core language behind everything that you see behind every single webpage, every single blog, and everything!

I’m not saying that Internet Marketers must know about AJAX or Web 2.0 or CSS or stuff like that, but my personal feel is that it would be best to get started with the basics of HTML, at least, the simplest tags like <p>, <a href… and stuff like that.

Of course, I must admit that I have seen marketers that manage to make it really big, not knowing HTML at all, but I’m sure what goes on behind the scene is that there is a technical person helping out with the marketer himself. It is important to know that this is not the case for many newbie Internet marketers – most of us start with absolutely no knowledge of computers!

So, my advice for starters – please get yourself some basic knowledge on HTML, or team up with someone competent in it. It is great that complex software today can help you do things in the “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) manner, but after being in the computing line for at least 8 years, what I can say is that the software does not do everything. There are some little tweaks you must get down to the code to do. You don’t have to be able to whip out a HTML page from scratch, but at least, you must be able to know where to delete an annoying extra line which just doesn’t go off in your WYSIWYG editor.

Blogging Post Boxes

While most blogging platforms do have a visual text editor, I find that the editors are still not as stable as they might be. Remember that ultimately, the Googlebot reads the HTML code, not only what you see in the visual editor… so to have full control, it is still better to use to traditional post box – and this is exactly what I do in blogging.

Then again, maybe its just me. :mrgreen:

World Internet Summit

Just on Friday night, I was invited by a friend to attend the World Internet Summit, and so I grabbed upon the opportunity to learn from several successful Internet Marketers how they made their fortune online.

World Internet Summit

I was really impressed how powerful marketers they are… I mean, over the past two days, if you’d ask me the one thing that I have learnt that is the important, it would be powerful sales copywriting skills!

I’d like to point out that the Internet Marketing that these millionaires do are really absolutely so different from what most professional bloggers are doing. Professional bloggers really get their traffic built up slowly over time, readers come in slowly as you post more content and people start getting to you from search engines or incoming links – and the starting few months are tough, to say the least, and we really care about the content we put up – because it reflects us, and at least 90% of the content is really typed out by the blogger himself or herself. We are really ultimate content creators!

Internet marketing is so totally different. In fact, one key issue brought up during the seminar was to FOCUS on the marketing, and do your best to outsource everything if possible. So almost everything can be outsourced – an e-book they sell may not be written by them; they just headed to sites like and paid someone to get it done.

The key to their massive sales figures is the list of email addresses they have collected over time. Its amazing, really… the email list is the ultimate asset to any Internet marketer – simply because it is the one thing that drives traffic to their sales copy – and these are people are are very targeted, who have already bought one or more of their products, or have at least landed on their sales copy or squeeze page once.

Personally, I was pretty disappointed in the “Live Challenge”, because, really what they did was to upload the website live. Everything else – the product brainstorming, sales copy letter writing, and part of the product creation (the actual product is a teleseminar that hasn’t happened yet) was done beforehand, and their method of promotion was to email to their own list!

While it is still an eye opener for me because the two speakers explained what went through their minds in the product creation, I would have been more convinced if they could really “start from scratch”, and sell a product not related to Internet marketing or making money online, because that is what many in the audience would be starting with.

Two more days to go. More updates to come, so do check back. :mrgreen: