Bookmarks Explosion for 6 January 2007

Bookmarks ExplosionKaboom! Here are some wonderful articles since the last explosion.

  1. Information Architect architects a web trends map for 2007 (from MicroPersuasion)
  2. Want to keep your drag and drop template editing for your blogspot blog… but you want it on your own domain? Now you can, because Blogger provides domain-mapping now… for free!
  3. Copyblogger has an excellent recipe and formula for you to brew your best blog posts.
  4. We’ve talked about corporate blogging for the Fortune 500. What about the next door neighbour who has a two man operation? Does he need a blog? Mike discusses if 2007 is the year of small business blogs.
  5. Search Marketers are in a for a big treat, because Online Marketing Blog has a list of search marketing blogs for you to get subscribed with and start reading! and… there is an update with more!
  6. Do you know how Google tracks paid links on your blog or website? Bizmord explains how.
  7. Many would agree that PPC campaigns can be one of the best ways to bring in traffic to your web quickly, but that’s provided you avoid these 17 common mistakes!
  8. Legal Andrew (heh, there can be only one “Legal Andrew” now!) tells you why RSS can save you time. Shall we all reach out to our friends now and tell them to migrate from email to RSS?
  9. The next time your friend or family member wants to loan some money from you, what do you do? The simple dollar has some seemingly simple but very very useful advice.
  10. Lifehacker shows you how you can hack your blog to make it better with these 6 tips for improvements.
  11. ConverStations says the key to building blog readership is building relationships, and I can’t agree more! In fact, building quality relationships is the essence of every business, isn’t it?

Bookmarks Explosion: 29 Dec 2006

Bookmarks ExplosionI haven’t been reading my feeds for these two days due to the slow access, and when I did, whoa! It was a whole lot of good stuff. Here are they.

  1. If you’ve not been following the Better Business Blogging blog, do so now, but before that, check out their top 10 posts of this year.
  2. Top Rank blog ranks their top posts too!
  3. Another powerful post by Darren at Blog Republic – are you waiting for (your blog’s) death?
  4. A very inspirational post by Liz to keep writing and publishing everyday. Will blogging take over Mahjong in the future? :mrgreen: I mean… if people play Mahjong to keep their brains alive in their old age after retirement because it is apparantly a “thinking game”, why not write and publish instead?
  5. Mike’s third habit of blogginglisten, then engage… and trust him. If you read your feeds first before you start your blog post everyday, you will find how much more intellectual and well informed your post will seem. 🙂
  6. DM News shares four reasons why your business should blog next year… but I think December 30th 2006 and December 31st 2006 are great days to start blogs too!
  7. Looking for more solid blogs to read for 2007? Copyblogger Brian shares the blogs that he reads that ROCK! Whee!! Get hooked on them today!
  8. If you’ve just started with blogging, its time to get into your newsreader and start subscribing to feeds. Business blog consulting has a video to show you how.

Bookmarks Explosion for Boxing Day 2006!

Bookmarks ExplosionHere you go! 🙂

  1. Launching a new blog? Here are 21 Surefire Tips for a Successful Blog Launch, a post that commanded over 800 Diggs, and BloggingHelp’s additional recommendations for these tips. Be sure to go through them.
  2. If you are doing some affiliate marketing, Jason is here to share with you how to mask your affiliate links. No prior technical knowledge required, and no nasty .htaccess files to mess up 😉
  3. WebPro News shares how go get out of Google’s supplemental index and get into the real one, be a real blog dude!
  4. Mike shares his first habit for better blogging in 2007 (before 2007!) and without turning on the computer. (This sounds like a good year long series that I could do to)
  5. Are you already halfway on your Internet Marketing path to glory? Singapore’s Andrew Wee tells you to hold on, stay firm, and keep fanning your BBQ pit, because one day it will be time for your start BBQing your tasty chicken wings! :mrgreen:

Okay, I give up and I’m sharing, and I’ll call them…

Over at MicroPersuasion, Sleepyblogger, and 7CM Internet Marketing Blog, they call them links.

ProBlogger and BlogChalkTalk calls this Speedlinking

Pronet Advertising likes to play Catchup

Signal Vs Noise sees them as Sunspots

Successful Blog goes to the SOB cafe

ConverStations says they are WhistleStops

Blogger’s Blog got them as Blogosphere Highlights

I’d have to be different! I’ll call them my…

Bookmarks Explosion!

Bookmarks ExplosionGuess what? I’m tired of keeping bookmarks of nice articles to myself.

I bookmark them because I want to get back to them someday to do a full post on each of them because they are so good. But I failed. Awwww… I figured that the new ones keep coming, and the list just grows and grows… and grows. I figured out why you have links, speedlinking, sunspots, catchups, whistlestops and blogosphere highlights.

Because you guys are too quick, and too good!

So I lose! I admit defeat! I’ve shown the white flag! :mrgreen: Sigh, if only I could just read, think and “import brain”. Do they have a plugin for this in WordPress? Hmm… do I have to connect my brain with a USB cable for that, or can just transfer via Bluetooth? Gosh! Will my brain be hacked or spammed?

Argh… Don’t mind me.

Anyway, so from now I will stop putting stress on my Firefox bookmarks and be less selfish. 😉

Here what I have for today’s explosion

Okay, these are the more recent ones… for the further dated ones… errrrrmm… *scratches head* Its a looooong list. :mrgreen:

I know I should be using a social bookmarking service… just haven’t got down to doing it yet 🙂