Sponsored Posts in Blogs

Make Money Blogging using Sponsored PostsAfter the SEO web design workshop today, I was sitting down with my mentor over a cup of coffee, and we were discussing about how to work out a business from my passion in blog marketing, and knowledge in programming. He suggested that we could do up a system where we could get people to write posts promoting a product in their popular blogs, so that people who wanted to advertise could pay the blogger to get advertised as part of the posts.

When I reached home, I checked my mail and I got a Google alert about a Problogger post about sponsored posts! So the idea is possible and its been out for a while.

Sponsored posts are nothing new – bloggers have been doing it for years – writing posts in exchange for payments. What is new is the organized way that the practice is happening with services popping up that match bloggers with those wanting to get blogged about.

Problogger also mentioned that some websites having this kind of services include PayPerPost, CreamAid, inBlogAds, and ReviewMe… and I think its a wonderful idea! Well, I feel that having existing companies doing that only means that there is potential. There are always ways to carve a niche, if you really want to.