Mass Blog Commenting Services by a Singapore SEO Company

Today when I checked my mail in the morning I was surprised to see more than the usual number in my inbox, only to realise that a huge bunch of the mails are due to spam comments on this blog.

Blog Comment Spamming

All these comments came in within 2 minutes last night. And they all went into the spam folder. SEO effect? Zero – at least for my blog. Of course, they have probably spammed a thousand other blogs in the same fifteen minutes, and been lucky enough to have hit one or two that didn’t have their spam filter on.

Another surprise came when I realized that many of these spammy comments had URLs pointing to Singapore related domains or .sg domains. A couple of them were horrid looking “made for Adsense” splogs (they still exist!), and some were legitimate company websites.

What was common was that all these sites pointed to one SEO company in Singapore – one that sold packages of “5000 Facebook Invites for USD$39.90” and “100 Facebook Fans for $49.90”!

Frankly, I feel sorry for the legitimate companies who probably paid good money to this SEO consultant to market their website. On the other hand, I think there is a need to educate some business owners and marketing professionals on how to choose a proper SEO company – what do you think?

Blog Commenting for SEO

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that blog commenting does not work for SEO. In fact, from my own observations and experience, these blog comments still work very well, despite the fact that most blogs still have the rel=”nofollow” attribute for their comment links.

However, for the comments to go through and SEO to really take effect, the comments need to be insightful and valuable to the blog owner, not random phrases submitted by a piece of software. Like many things in life, its not what you do, but how you do it that matters.


  1. Jerrick,

    I don’t think these links can do any harm and can get you to lose PR. If it were so easy, everyone would just hit his competitor with 100.000 links packages, and the competitor would lose his position and pr. No. You just lost your money…. and maybe a little bit of online reputation…

  2. what you say is correct like happen to me most of the time when I check my gmail and in the spam inbox there are about 200 plus email 1 day that I don’t know about. example I get email from fedex, I mean that is a transport company spamming on my spam inbox. Come on, I just keep delete and delete for every day. Funny thing is I try to contact them but their say no such thing, so who is spamming my inbox exactly?

  3. I agree with you Kian, it’s no use these companies just bombarding you and others with meaningless computer generated text.

  4. You are absolutely right Kian! You should never outsource the SEO works to outsiders especially to black SEO. These black SEO companies use auto generated text, i think they use some software for blog commenting.

  5. I ganna all the time =.= Think need to implement capcha le. BTW your comment box the area where u key in your website url, the accompanying text is the alphabet i instead of L @ websiet uri (optional)

  6. Hi Kian, I just added your Skype account. 🙂

    It has been sometime since you last posted an entry in your blog. You have followers, we need you.

    Ok, enough with the drama. These pitiful companies really are wasting their marketing budgets. (And I am pointing my finger to the worthless adviser of that company, who landed on these fake SEO companies and got enticed by their promises)

    I have only 2 points:
    1 – For companies that don’t have budget, educating your webmaster on SEO is the first thing you want to do. There are great sites out there like SEOMoz or SEO workshop by John Alexander. I am sure you will be delighted to see your page ranks while you learn things.

    2-For those who have budget, you could easily check if the company does what it preaches…ranking high in SEO service. You might want to check SEOMoz partner companies.

  7. Hi Guys

    I am an SEO person that looks after large Global clients and not all SEO people use black hat techniques and automated software.

    If you are business that needs visitors in order to get sales then you need SEO so here are some easy tips to getting the right SEO people.

    1. Meet the SEO company in person
    2. Don’t buy packages if you don’t know what they are
    3. Ask your SEO Person for a plan in advance
    4. Ask if there are KPI’s
    5. Ask if there is a monthly report of SEO activity

    Following these should make it easy to get a good SEO guy

  8. Hi Boydie, Nice point. But i guess this blog isnt moving anymore. This post is almost a year old and not long enough, the spammers will go here as the links here are dofollow. 🙁

    Im also an seo based on here on sg- taking some local clients..
    by any chance, do you have some contact info.. coz i want to collaborate with fellow SEO here in sg. The linkedin group for sg seo isn’t moving. Please do drop me a message. findkukzee(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. Thanks for your comments Kukzee and Boyde. Hope your arrangements will turn into a fruitful arrangement! Yes, my blog is kinda dead – been almost a year since my last update. Been busy working on other people’s sites (that puts rice on the table and feeds the family) that I’ve kinda neglected my own ones, unfortunately! 🙁

    But I’m still listening, and moderating to keep the spammers away 🙂

  10. Hi Kian Ann,

    These techniques of mass blog commenting may not really work because comments/commentators are recognized only when they add value to the discussion and not for spamming.

    However, it may bring some traffic since the link spreads across the web.