Learn to Write Better Copy with These 10 Points

Persuasive writing is a skill worth learning and mastering. From the books I’ve read, it feels that writing persuasively is more “science” than “art”. You can follow guidelines, and tick off checklists as you write.

Here’s one checklist you should use.

Over on the Copyblogger blog, Jason Cohen shared his tips on writing more magnetic copy.

This list of 10 points is gold for any blogger or writer who wants to write better copy.

  1. Don’t hedge – You don’t have to please everyone.
  2. Repeat a phrase – Repetition gets things in your readers heads. Why’d think your math teacher asks you to do 100 sums for?
  3. No passive voice – Active voice curbs flabby writing.
  4. Brevity! – Write less.
  5. Use short sentences.
  6. Provoke, don’t solve – Your goal is to get your visitors to respond, not answer all obejections!
  7. Eliminate trash adjectives – See point 4.
  8. Be direct – Why go round in circles?
  9. Tell a story – Stories sell. Period.
  10. Write informally – If you are a human, be a human.

When writing copy, visualise writing to ONE person in your target audience, and focus on getting him to take action on your message.

How else do YOU learn to write better copy?

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