Link Building: The Key to Exploding Visibility

Link Building SEOHave you ever felt even a little stressed about your online business, about why there are so few visitors and just not enough sales? Are you ever curious why some websites almost permanently appear in the search listings for the keywords you are targeting?

Well, stop worrying, stop analysing, stop being stressed.

Go build a link.

Yes, an incoming link.

There are tonnes of ways to do this:

  1. Comment on someone’s blog
  2. Write an article – submit it to Hubpages.
  3. Write another article – submit it to
  4. Submit a press release.
  5. Answer someone’s question in Yahoo! answers.
  6. Email webmasters. Ask for a link.
  7. Write something interesting on your site. Tweet the URL out to your friends.
  8. Participate in forums – change your forum signature to include your link.
  9. Submit your site to directories.
  10. Guest blog for someone.
  11. Get your site listed in one of your local club’s website
  12. Submit a WordPress theme / plugin
  13. Submit a YouTube video
  14. … the list goes on.

Remember, you can have the most beautiful site in the world, best ever sales copy that literally hypnotizes your visitors to empty their wallet with you, or the best email marketing and customer retention program in the world.

But without targeted traffic you will not have any sales. And traffic only comes from 3 places.

  1. Referred Traffic – coming from the links to your site
  2. Search Engine Traffic – and you get great search rankings largely based on number of links you have to your site.
  3. Direct Traffic – either thru an offline campaign, or building (1) and (2) so successfully that people type your URL in right into the browser

Either way, you gotta start with building a link. Then another. And another.

Building valid, relevant and quality incoming links is the online visibility TRUMPCARD. And its going to be for some time.

Enough said.

Go build a link.


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  3. Well said. A store in the physical world, will at least be visible to the passers-by. But on the virtual world, it is link building that will provide visibility.