The New Word of Mouth

Coming to think of this, it’s nothing less than amazing – I’m now seated a cafe in the airport, eating my breakfast and sipping my coffee as I type these words on my iPhone WordPress application.

The keyboard is small, but even as I misspell words, the iPhone automatically corrects the word for me. And I know as I hit the publish button on this screen, these words will be automagically be transmitted and transferred from my mini handheld device – halfway round the globe into the database of my web host (out of goodness know how many there are) and appearing on for public consumption.

All these in less than 10 seconds.

Just a mere 20 years ago, how can someone even imagine this is possible?

With end users like me given this power to publish at the speed of thought, companies really need to realize how the “word of mouth” landscape has changed.

Word of mouth today no longer needs mouths. All it requires are two thumbs, an iPhone and a GPRS connection.

If consumers (your customers and prospects!) are publishing more information online than you every single day, how can your brand even escape from being drowned in their opinions?

How is your company coping with the changed landscape?