Are You a Paralyzed Blogger?

Hola! Its quite amazing how a whole month went by in 2010 already – its the 31st of January today and I’ve not made a single post since Christmas 2009! Heh. :mrgreen: Well, I’ve been bogged down helping companies get their web marketing off the ground – so much so that I’ve hardly had the time to focus back on my own blog!

Contradictory, I know.

And its frustrating.

No, its frustrating because sometimes, I do have the time to post – but being the perfectionistic me, I am always reluctant to do so before I get my thoughts sorted out and make sure my post REALLY made sense… practically waiting for the perfect blog post to appear before I hit the publish button.

Well, I never got the perfect blog post. In the end, all that waiting and thinking too much really paralyzed me.

Anyway, it time for me to get back to blogging here. 🙂

So I’ve learnt a lesson today and I hope this goes out to all “paralyzed bloggers” like me out there: Don’t wait for the perfect blog post. You might want to review your post to make sure it does not cause you to lose your job or destroy your reputation… but don’t stop posting because the post is not perfect. It will never be.


  1. 😉 You are not alone. Somehow, a glut will come to all bloggers. Take your blog as your business, as your baby. Would you leave her alone even when you are busy. She deserved all our time :mrgreen: