Would You Bother?

This morning, as I was on my daily routine commenting on blogs, I got this when I submitted to one.

Would You Bother?

This message was the only thing that was shown in the page. So it seems I was detected to be surfing “behind a proxy”, and my comment was disallowed.

First, I’m lucky to be computer trained. I know what proxy servers are, and I wasn’t using one. But for the layman, they’ll probably have no idea.

Secondly, “contact the blog owner”. Yes. Through what means? Do I have to click back and find an email address. I would at least put an email address there – or a contact form.

Thirdly and finally, the question is… would you bother? To go through all the trouble of contacting someone just to post a comment? I’d rather surf to a different site and post another comment.

The point is: If you want comments on your blog, make it easy for people to comment. I’ve seen lots of blogs that require you to create and account and login, just to post a comment. While I understand the motivation behind that (to screen away spammy comments), it is a huge hindrance for people.


  1. Hi Kian Ann,

    I would not bother as well so in our site, we hold all comments for moderation and also use akismet to filter spam.

    I see in your case you do not hold comments, how do you deal with spam comments or know who is commenting on what?

  2. @pohheng – I just rely on Akismet for spam detection, and so far, its done quite well.

    Of course, everytime a comment is posted, I get an email, and I have to log in almost everyday to prune the spammy ones if any came thru.

    I see that its part of blogging 🙂

  3. Hi Kian Ann,

    Yes, Akismet is doing a great job for spam comments.

    There is one problem our site has which is a lack of comments. Any suggestions / ways to encourage comments?

    P.S. Our site is relatively new ~ 2months old.

  4. it means… some blogger just doing wrong… hhahaha

    but i agree with pohheng,

    i think, using askimet or wp-spam-free (if you’re using wordpress) is a good idea

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  8. Hi Kian Ann,

    Asking questions right at the end of the post is something we yet to try, shall test that soon.

    Lots to learn from you 🙂

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