PC Show 2009 at Suntec City

The PC Show in Singapore is now on at Suntec City! It has in fact started yesterday, from 11th – 14th June 2009, 12pm to 9pm.

PC Show 2009 Singapore

Unfortunately, because of my hectic schedule this time round, I’m gonna give it a miss.

According to the press release, this time, there is also a “Lucky Purchaser’s Draw” – stand chances to win $10,000 and other prizes like LCD televisions, camcorders and MP3 players with every $50 spent!

So have the effects of the downturn in economy sunken into Singaporeans? I think not! Yesterday’s CNA news still reported thousands of bargain hunters chionging to Suntec city before the gates are open for the best deals! :mrgreen:

But I think its good for me to stay away, keep my money and save it for my iMac at the end of this year!


  1. I loved your course 🙂 it is just when i got three it stopped email me 🙄 🙄

  2. I also miss the pc show. Actually I am thinking of buying the new pc due to my current pc some problems kike keyboard faulty and I have to use on screen keyboard.
    Hope I can buy it in the pc show probably the end of the year.

  3. So, anyway of checking the Lucky Draw results online? The last IT show Jun2009 at Suntec..
    Please provide the link would be useful.
    Thank you.