You Don’t Need Search Rankings

no-need-internet-marketingYou don’t need search rankings.
You don’t need page rank.
You don’t need a lot of traffic.
You don’t need to build incoming links.
You don’t need a great sales copy.
You don’t need an Adwords campaign.
You don’t need to have a blog.
You don’t need to use Twitter.
You don’t need to build a massive website.
You don’t need to build a usable website.
You don’t need to submit press releases.

You only need enough profitable conversions to sustain your business.

Please don’t let an “Internet Marketing Consultant” get you busy doing too many things. When you implement anything on your website, don’t do it because “everyone else is doing it”.

Do it only because it might lead you to more profitable conversions.


  1. This is a damn fact! Don’t get lost in the details, if you’re blogging for your business, make sales. concentrate on the salesmanship of your blog, not incoming links!

  2. I totally agree with the previous post. If you want to have success in your business you shouldn’t be using what everybody else is already doing.

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  4. Yeah, A diversified internet marketing campaign drive people mad. Busy at different tasks, PPC, blog, twitter, facebook, social bookmarks….Actually one or two effectively is already enough