How to Get People to Switch to Your Product

So, how do you get your potential customers to ditch your competitors’ product in disgust and get obsessed about yours?

Just two steps.

Step 1: Build a great product.

Step 2: Tell them in the face! Tell them that they are waaaaaaay out of date if they are you using your competitors’ products.

Seriously. This is what Mozilla tried to pull on me when I went to the FireFox website yesterday.

Internet Explorere is so 2006

Well done Firefox!


  1. Is this what MS going to say about their biggest competitor when they launch Windows 7…

    “Using Window XP is So 2001. And forget about Vista because you deserve a better OS. Upgrade to Windows 7 today!”

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  3. Yes, I have to admit. I really despise I.E. I’m not sure what it is. But it ALWAYS gives me problems. Ever since discovering FireFox, I’ve never looked back.