Should CEOs and Organizations Blog?

Ted from Blogging for Business has two great posts about CEO Blogging. As he says, “many organizations do NOT need to blog… although MANY organizations can benefit from blogging.”

Here are his five reasons why CEOs should not blog:

  1. CEOs are risk adverse.
  2. CEOs are normally not natural bloggers (in terms of skill sets and personality)
  3. CEOs have confidential information that can’t be made public.
  4. They may need to stop for legal reasons.
  5. Time — or lack of it.

And then he posted another three reasons why they should:

  1. Blogs add a personality and face to a company.
  2. Blogs influence the most important people.
  3. Blogs connect CEOs and senior executives to their most important people, their customers.

Sometimes you need just one reason to do something, despite 100 reasons why you shouldn’t, isn’t it? :mrgreen: Take Ted’s 3 points for example. If your blog can connect you with your customers and keep them loyal, would you think of the ways you can overcome or avoid the first 5 points why you shouldn’t blog?

So what do you think? Should CEOs blog? Which CEO should and which shouldn’t?

What is your take?

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