Bookmarks Explosion 16 November 2008

Its been a long time since I had my bookmarks to explode! Here are some great stuff I’ve seen over this week (some older) to start a brilliant Sunday.

  1. Starting a Business Blog? Be careful, don’t let Ian Lurie hit you on the head like he explains in his 15 rules for business bloggers… but is this the real truth about business blogging?
  2. There is always a long debate on ranking for long tail keywords versus ranking for the short head. Here’s a case study on Online Flower Delivery in Singapore.
  3. Of course, if you’ve not downloaded and devoured this yet… Google’s SEO Starter Guide.
  4. If you are new to blogging on WordPress, ProBlogger has some tips for plugins for your new WordPress blog.
  5. And if you want more people subscribe to your feed – check out these 14 ways to get more RSS readers. Remember, not everybody uses RSS, but studies have shown that people using RSS are powerful influencers on the net.
  6. And another kindly reminder from Ted (the author of Blogging for Business) – things to watch in your blog design so your readers will love you.
  7. Walter shares his opinions about Obama’s win being a Web 2.0 phenomenon. From this, we learn that social media marketing can work, and will work if you work it! Social media marketing is not a waste of time!
  8. Everywhere you go, you see long salesletter boasting about their “traffic to their sites exploding” when they used some product or some marketing strategy. While its true that Internet marketing is a numbers game, Jim shares here that it also pays to focus on the people, not the hits!

… and some of you might have noticed the addition of Twitter Tools to my sidebar. If you haven’t come follow me on twitter!

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Oh by the way – I’m looking for a tool to do a bookmark explosions post like this. I have this on my Delicious account but I want to add more text to the post first before I publish it, so I don’t like the automated “posting to blog” function in Delicious.

Any suggestions?

Have an awesome Sunday dudes! :mrgreen:


  1. Hi Tan

    Fantastic information here. Very helpful tips. Awesome blog for anyone who wants to do be successful in business.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Giovanna Garcia