Google SEO Guide for Starters From the Horse’s Mouth

I mean from the Google webmaster central blog, free.

The 22 page Google SEO guide is what it is – for starters.

But on the other hand, I’ll also say that its packed with what is essential for your site to perform on Google. If you just stick to the concepts illustrated in pages 2 to 19 on the guide as your bible, then you site is practically honey to the GoogleBot bee (it doesn’t sound very nice to say your site is a “fat fly to the GoogleBot Spider” right? :mrgreen: )

Page 20 is a one page writeup about the principles behind off page optimization – or how you should promote your site.

I’d highlight the “avoids” because I think these are important:

attempting to promote each new, small piece of content you create; go for big, interesting items
involving your site in schemes where your content is artificially promoted to the top of these services

spamming link requests out to all sites related to your topic area
purchasing links from another site with the aim of getting PageRank instead of traffic

Go grab the SEO guide and read it now!


  1. That would be perceived as an authoritative reference for all SEO jobs. It will make selling authentic SEO services so much easier.

    Now Google really sets the standards for SEO practice.

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