Blog Blog Blog. Save Your Job.

I read a very interesting article today about “Save Your Career, Start a Blog

In the article, Joseph Jaffe shares 10 reasons why you need to have a blog. I particularly love the second reason, and I can really relate to it.

Blogging = market research. In my experience, blogging keeps me smart. It forces me to be active within my community. It’s amazing how much you’ll discover by plunging down the rabbit hole of links. Blogging is the new account-planning function.

Frankly, if I didn’t put pressure on myself to maintain this blog, I would have sunken into the deep pits of laziness, and stayed in front of, playing games all day long.

Oops! Now you know. 😳

Its interesting to note events in the blogosphere about people getting fired from blogging, and then have a totally different perspective today that blogging can save your job!

Which do you relate to?

If Joseph’s 10 reasons still doesn’t push you over the edge and get you blogging, check out my 10 practical ways to use a blog. Find one reason. Any reason… and start blogging!