StomperNet’s STSE2 is a load of CRAP

Okay, I might probably be the last one in the whole wide world to complete watching StomperNet’s Stomping the Search Engines (STSE2) video course which Andy Jenkins, Brad Fallon and team gave out for free two months ago.

Stomping the Search Engines 2

But frankly… my thoughts… This whole package is a big load of CRAP! In fact, I’d say that this is the most awesome piece of CRAP I’ve ever watched!

Heh. Don’t shut me off. CRAP is a good thing! Let me explain.

C – It’s Complete!

It covers all the essential topics for a online business owner to dominate the search engines, right from the start about why SEO, and the SEO mindset (I love that one!), all the way until how to measure and track your progress!

R – It provides Real Life Examples!

Unlike many other courses you get for $47, $67 or $97 which provide a lot of theory and vague examples, Andy showcased two of his real-life sites in the slides, and frankly, for me, that helped so much because I know one of the best ways to learn is to analyse successful sites and mimick their site structure!

And yes, like I’ve always emphasised – if you are looking for “guru” to follow, look for one with success not only in the Internet marketing niche. The StomperNet faculty members have definitely done that!

A – It’s packed with Actionable steps!

In the modules on keyword concepts, site structure, on page optimization, off page optimization and measuring and testing. Many of the points are very action focused! This means you can just take that point and go make changes to your site!

In fact, I could have gone through that 7 modules quickly and dumped it into my digital junkyard.

But what really intrigued me was the really practical steps to take. I resolved that I had to relisten to some modules over and over and I even bought a notebook to take notes on the action steps to implement! I have 22 pages of notes! Some of the concepts have already been implemented on this blog!

P – It’s awesomely (is there such a word?) Practical!

I think its a VERY practical package for web designers, online marketers, and online business owners – to immediately take their websites on to the next level. I like it that its delivered on a CD-rom, as opposed to delivered online – which many marketers do.

This allows me to view the videos even while I was on the train back home. With the CD, I know that the content will be there all the time when I need it… and I’m confident that I’ll return to it as a reference within the next year!

If you haven’t got the package, too bad. The StomperNet guys are closed to handle some order fulfillment issues at the moment.

But get on their mailing list and wait. Its worthwhile. You’ve GOT to get your hands on this.

One Drawback

I’ve to admit, there is one drawback to the package. I think this video course is perfect for people like myself. I’m trained in computing, and I had to replay some of the segments to fully absorb what the speaker was putting across.

In other words, the non tech-savvy people might take a longer time, and would definitely require some help in getting the tasks done. But that’s not new – SEO is grunt work at times, and it can be technical.

If you are in that situation, think of “how can I get this done?” rather than “should I do this?”. There are lots of great technical people behind waiting for projects, so feed them! 🙂 … Or you can feed me too! :mrgreen:

Great work, StomperNet!


  1. OK you had me worried there and I was all ready to jump in and defend STSE2 but I don’t have to.

    You may be one of the last to review it but I was one of the first to write an extensive review (click on name if anyone is interested).

    I haven’t implemented everything yet but I’ve seen my traffic on my blog nearly double in the last two months.

    This stuff works and you realise why you used to do the Google two step – two steps forward and then two back.