WordPress Security and Safe Practices Advice

If you’ve logged in to your own WordPress admin panel you would have noticed this post linked from your dashboard, but I think it deserves reiteration.

Here’s what Mark Ghosh had to advice, and I think it is very good advice.

1. Always download core WordPress code from http://WordPress.org
2. Try to download plugins and themes only from the official WordPress Extend
3. Never download ‘hacks’ or ‘patches’ to WordPress from anywhere.
4. If you find a cool new trick, theme, plugin or hack for WordPress via a Google search, please be careful. I know the following is a cliche, but if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Be careful when you are dealing with open source code.

Especially if looking at HTML and PHP code turns you off.

Open source code like WordPress is good. Its free. Its stable… if you get it from the source. Because not everybody has a big a heart as Matt and his team.

There is so much at WordPress extend. Enough for whatever you may need. 🙂

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