SITEX 2008 Singapore is Just a Few Days Away!

Yes, the last PC show of the year will here again – SITEX 2008!

sitex IT fair at Singapore Expo

Here are the details:

Date: 27 – 30 November 2008
Location: Singapore Expo Halls 5 and 6, Atrium 5 and Foyer 2
Time: 11am – 9pm

Heh! Actually come to think of it, for Singaporeans, it is always worthwhile to wait until IT shows like this to buy our gadgets, since the four shows (PC Show, IT Show, Comex and Sitex) are spread apart equally, once every three months.

… and if you think that the economic crisis is going to affect sales… well, yes, I think it may be, but I believe that Singaporeans will exercise their favorite hobby despite the bad times. I think the exhibition hall is still going to be packed, like always.

So what’s going to be hot in SITEX this time round?

Lenovo S10

#1. UMPCs! I think the UMPCs (Ultra-Mobile PCs) are going to be hotter than before! In Comex 2008, we saw the MSI Wind, Acer Aspire One and Asus Eee PCs fly off the shelves. This time, with new competitors like the (my favourite!) Lenovo S10 and Dell Inspiron 910, its going to be a real battle among the brands!

#2. Mobile Phones! In the exhibition 3 months ago, the iPhone 3G was released and SingTel was promoting it like hotcakes, and I remember vividly that Samsung had a whole territory by themselves with ear blasting speakers and to promote their Samsung Omnia. Who will win the iPhone look-alike battle this time round?

#3. Portable Handhelds Since November 27 is barely a month a way from Christmas, I suppose many parents will be digging into their pockets to get Christmas gifts! And knowing Singaporean kids, the gadgets that they yearn for will include either a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP), or Nintendo DS! I’m sure Sony or Nintendo will be giving a good bargain for their packages!

What else would you get this SITEX?


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  2. Economic Crisis or not, SITEX 2008 in Singapore will see a crowded arena of bargain hunters. Thousands of people wait till PC Shows to get some savings… I am looking for a good scanner for my photo project…. What do you think are the specifications for a good scanner?

  3. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    I just can’t wait.only 14 lol.i want to get my PSP a 8gb memory card. will there be sales of it over there? pls let me know.

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