SEO Experts can Bend the Truth

I was just walking in from my hall and I saw a television advert about a documentary coming up in Singapore entitied “The World According to Google”.

The short advert explained one very simple point – so many people are looking for information through Google’s search, and for many of the not so Internet savvy, we take it that the information that is listed on top of Google’s index is the truth.

Internet savvy people and we website builders know it is so far from the truth… and with the proliferation of blogs and other easy ways to get websites up and running, it is scary to know what a “manic” SEO specialist can do to “bend the truth” and get people in his thinking.

So, knowing SEO is really powerful… and like what the famous Spiderman movie says “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Are you using your powers responsibly?


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