Google, Watch Out!

Having tried out Microsoft AdCenter PPC ads, I received an email today saying “Notice of assignment to Microsoft Online, Inc.”

In there was a line in italics, which went:

On July 1, 2008, Microsoft Corporation, assigned all rights and obligations in the Microsoft adCenter Terms and Conditions, and any amendments thereto, between Microsoft Corporation, and you, to Microsoft Online, Inc., with its principal business offices located at 6100 Neil Road, Reno NV 89570.

Heh… okay I’ve got to admit – after reading the sentence several times, I still cannot tell exactly what is happening (maybe the Friendly Fredericksburg Lawyer can help shed some light!) but it was about Microsoft changing one of their legal entity name to “Microsoft Online, Inc”

I don’t know about you, but I just have that tinkly feeling that what Microsoft is really doing is legally and officially announce three words…

The three words, I think, are “Google, watch out!”

What are your thoughts?

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