Mooncakes and Marketing


Wow! Its the time of the year again, the mid-autumn festival is coming again – its time to feast on mooncakes!

Yum Yum! Heh.. before I let my saliva drip and spoil my keyboard, I better get on the topic!

I remember when I was smaller (erm.. younger), mooncakes used to come in only a 2 or 3 varieties. There was the baked crust, or the “ice-skin” crust… and there was just bean paste, or lotus paste.

Today as you walk along the streets of Singapore, you will find mooncakes of all sort of shapes and sizes, and all kind of fillings!

I remember just a couple of days ago, I was walking pass the Haagan Daaz ice cream cafe at Suntec City, and what was on display was a set of temptalicious (I know there is no such word in the dictionary!) dark chocolate ice-cream mooncakes! And yesterday at Orchard road, I saw a whole Chinese Chess set made of mooncakes! … man… they should sell these all year!

And if you check out the wikipedia entry, you will find that today’s mooncakes can come in all flavours:

… it was obvious these non-baked mooncakes could be filled with pretty much anything that could be made into a paste. An explosion of new flavours appeared and spanned the range from:

  • cream cheese
  • ginseng
  • bird’s nest
  • chicken floss
  • tiramisu
  • green tea
  • pandan
  • durian
  • ice cream (variety of flavours)
  • chocolate
  • coffee
  • peanut

White kidney bean paste or plain ice-cream are usually used as a base of flavours such as green tea, coffee, or ginseng, which are not thick enough or cannot be usually in large enough quantities to be a filling on their own.

My point is, just over the past 5-10 years, things in this world have REALLY changed, especially with the proliferation of web applications. Even mooncakes have modernized to appeal to the new crowd. Have you? If you are a business owner, what about the way things are run in your company? How about your marketing methods?

This is quite a saddening fact, but its true – while many business owners who have moved on from their traditional practises, I still know of thousands of “white elephant” websites, practically “having the website for the sake of having one.”

Consider some PPC adverts. Learn some SEO. Try out some email marketing. There is a myriad of tools (some for free, some at very affordable rates) for you to learn to get started with online marketing.

Isn’t it time to embraced web marketing yet?

Update: Have you checked out the Mooncake USB sticks yet?