Comex 2008 Promotions and Great Deals!

Asus White Eee PC at Comex Show 2008

Today, I was particularly excited about collecting the TODAY paper… because today’s issue has a 32 page supplement for the promotions and deals for Comex 2008, which starts today!

Heh… I just noticed that the supplement is called “Electronic Ecstasy”! No wonder I am so excited!… or maybe its just last night lack of sleep! :mrgreen:

Here are some good deals you might wanna check out!

Asus Eee Family PCs!

The Asus Eee PC 901 – which features an Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz and 8.9″ display is going for just S$698! This is a $100 cash rebate of its regular price of S$798!

Its bigger brother – The Eee PC 1000H or Eee PC 1000 (with the 10″ screen and slightly bigger keyboard for people with fat fingers like me!) is going for S$888!… and you’ll get an 8GB thumb drive!

Sony Cybershot Digital Cameras!

If you have been “holding your wallets” for your next compact digital camera, now is the time go let go, because Sony is all ready with their pack of ace cards – targeted at Comex Bargain hunters!

If style is most important for you, get the Sony Cybershot T300! Originally priced at $599, it is going for $499 just these few exhibition days!

If you are looking for more performance, get the T70! Again, a $100 off its regular price, going only for $399! What a deal! … And you love landscapes, wide angles are the way to go, and you will love the Cybershot W170, for $499!

All Sony Cybershots also come with a 4GB memory stick PRO Duo, a carry case, and a Sony Digital Workshop (SDW) course worth $40!

Samsung SyncMaster 226UX

Its been some time since I’ve really went into researching and updating myself with hardware, but this is something new! (Sorry if I’m being swakoo… erm for the benefit of overseas readers, swakoo = “mountain tortoise” = out of date!)

If “dual screen” is your lingo, then you MUST check out the Samsung SyncMaster 226UX! According to the article, this 22 inch monitor can be hooked up to your computer using a USB connection. This means that you do not need a specialized dual monitor graphics card, or one graphics card for each monitor!

… so you can upgrade from “dual screen” to “triple screen” to “quad screen” :mrgreen: Best part? Its going for only S$560 – head on to booth 8328 if you are looking for this!


  1. Hey, you are shooting for #1 ranking for the search terms Comex 2008!?

    Well done! and may you make more AdDollar monies.

    Btw, I think Acer and Dell are top advertisers when it comes to PPC during PC Shows.

  2. Haha… just wanna see what happens if I really pay attention to my stats more 😛

    Who knows, it can help me out with the Sandisk Cruzer 16GB Thumbdrive, or even better, help me to sponsor my day out with my girlfriend on her birthday? :mrgreen:

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  4. mm.. do u guys know where to buy white f8vr. coz i really like da white color one..but i cant find it in singapore