Open Source Microblogging – Its getting messy!

Are you hooked on Twitter? Now you can create your own Twitter for free with the new open source microblogging platform – Laconica!

I got this from the article on ZD Net today, and its exciting to know how blogging has evolved. I still remember the days we were chatting on each other’s blogs using tagboards. Hmmm… wonder where that’s gone now! :mrgreen:

Things will really get messy for individuals trying to keep up with the new social networks, when more companies start to implement their own microblogging platforms – imagine having to update your “tweets” on 5 sites – that’s good for a full time job! 🙂

But looking at implementing this platform on a different scale (internal to an organization) and looking at it from different perspective, Laconica can be used as a very effective “quick-update forum” for project teams to work together!

It will be interesting to see how this evolves. What’s next to get RSSed? :mrgreen:


  1. It’s for geeks, right? Installation will be a challenge and it seems like you’ll need root access to the server to make it work. Someone needs to make the installation process human friendly!

  2. Haha.. Shi, give it some time. As of now, even the web page itself scares people off. It does require a usability expert to go in and make things simpler for non-geek consumption.