The Blogopreneur Theme and Plugin Shopping

Recently, I’ve been re-looking the theme for this blog and I realise that it is actually one of them most lightweight themes I have ever created.

As you probably have noted, I am not a fan of fancy graphics and functionality… call me boring, but as long as the theme works to highlight what is necessary to the reader, I’m glad. Heh, I learnt usability in my school days!

I have received a couple of requests for this theme over these two years of blogging, and unfortunately I have not released my theme to any of the requests – simply because many things are still hardcoded, because I didn’t believe in having too many plugins at that time.

I remember I started with nothing but Akismet! Everthing else was hardcoded into the theme!

I still don’t like having too many plugins. Haven’t you come across situations where your blog was upgraded and the plugin didn’t follow? It would be alright for “good to have” plugins like Share This… but I just feel it will really mess up your blog if it is a critical functional plugin something like All in one SEO pack.

But, having said that, over time I’ve also gotten to know that some plugin authors are really committed to keeping their plugin up to date to the latest version of WordPress… and I’ve “given in” to the temptations of the functionality availiable in the more popular plugins.

So, I did some plugin shopping yesterday… and the good news? I can forsee the blog theme becoming more “normal”. Which means you people might get a chance to download the blog theme soon! :mrgreen:

But I’m busy, so keep bugging me for it. :mrgreen: