Affiliate or Product Vendor?

Jonathan Leger has an interesting discussion going on today.  In his blog post, he argues that it is better to be a product vendor than an affiliate.

1. More earning ability than affiliate commissions, both initially and after the sale.
2. Greater growth potential as you recruit affiliates.
3. The money is in the list.

What do you think?

I personally have my own views. I think each has their own advantages (and disadvantages). Everybody has their strengths and every affiliate program is different. In choosing an affiliate program, it is important to choose one with good support from the vendor, and if you have chosen to be a product vendor, you need to think about how well you are supporting your affiliates!

But whatever it is – some Internet marketing principles will not change.

  1. Serve a hungry niche market.
  2. Build a list.
  3. Build a relationship with your list.
  4. Focus on marketing, not on creating a perfect product. (I know I fail terribly at this)

So… is it affiliate or vendor, for you?